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Cute Overload

Cute Overload is a weblog consisting of photos and videos of "cute" animals. The site, created by Megan Frost, won the Webby Awards 2006 "People's Voice" honors in the blog category. It also won the 2007 Bloggies for Best American Weblog. It is consistently in Technorati's Top 100 most popular weblogs, and according to Alexa Internet, it receives an average of 40,000 visits per day.

"Rules of Cuteness" and "cutecabulary"

The website has created "Rules of Cuteness", which is an evolving list of characteristics of cuteness.

The Rules of Cuteness

  • Rule #1: Putting your paw up.
  • Rule #2: Looking helpless.
  • Rule #3: An inquisitive look.
  • Rule #4: More than one species of baby flopping around.
  • Rule #5: Fisheye lens on a baby animal.
  • Rule #6: Mimicking humans.
  • Rule #7: A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing.
  • Rule #8: If your furniture doubles as a meal.
  • Rule #9: Piles of a cute thing jack up a cuteness rating exponentially.
  • Rule #10: If you haven't grown into your feet yet.
  • Rule #11: A cute animal combined with food.
  • Rule #12: Fuzz combined with floppy limbs.
  • Rule #13: "Juicy" eyes and noses.
  • Rule #14: If an everyday, small item makes you look small.
  • Rule #15: A small ear to head ratio.
  • Rule #16: Keep your eyes at the height of your nose and have a large forehead, and make sure your body is as tall as your head.
  • Rule #17: If you have tiny ears.
  • Rule #18: If you have a teeny tiny tail.
  • Rule #19: Dainty paws.
  • Rule #20: Showing your paw pads.
  • Rule #21: Eye Capsules, as in a baby wombat.
  • Rule #22: If you can curl up your paw.
  • Rule #23: Knobby knees.
  • Rule #24: Having suction cups on your hands.
  • Rule #25: Dangling your paw.
  • Rule #26: If you have 4 legs and can tuck yourself in.
  • Rule #27: "Chub", or small rolls underneath eyes.
  • Rule #28: If your head looks down, but your eyes look up.
  • Rule #29: If you flex your paws repeatedly in a kneading motion in the air for no reason.
  • Rule #30: If your breath shows in the form of your stomach moving in a quick, fluttering fashion.
  • Rule #31: A furbrow.
  • Rule #32: If you're caught doing something bad.
  • Rule #33: If your tail says "yes" but your ears say "nyerhe."
  • Rule #34: If your tail curls up.
  • Rule #35: If you try and eat your own appendage.
  • Rule #36: If your eyebrows go up in the center.
  • Rule #37: If you tilt your head to a side.
  • Rule #38: If you have a curved, plump belleh.
  • Rule #39: Nuzzable mini-chests.
  • Rule #40: Finding (and sleeping in) a sunbeam.

A jargon specific to Cute Overload has also developed over time, called the "cutecabulary," which includes coined words in frequent usage, such as "Baroo?" (what?), commonly applied to an image of a dog tilting its head to either side, "snorgle" (snuggle) and "Kronsche" (crunch).

Ahn = An interjection used to describe contentment, awe, and wonder at how cute an animal is.

Anerable = The adjective "adorable" pronounced without the hard "D" sound.

Bunday = Any given Sunday when images of buns, bunnies, rabbits, hares and other rabbi are displayed in a "gallery" of bunnish appreciation.

Caturday = Any given Saturday when images of cats, kittens, catizens and other felines are displayed in a "gallery" of cat-worship.

Ehn, EHNNNN!!!! = Interjection or Exclamation of photo subjects that portrays a struggle to adjust, use limbs, or get to one place from the next. Often used for snails, tortoises and baby animals whose tiny limbs (foots?) keep them one step behind the times.

Honk-shu = the sound made by a cute animal while snoring.

Nom = The sound produced by chewing or munching, especially by a cute animal with its food, or the act of such chewing or munching. May also be used in the context of what a person might do to a body part of a given cute animal's (e.g. belly, ears, paws), as an almost involuntary reaction to how cute the animal is. Ex: The puppy was so cute I just had to nom on his ears. A variation on "nom" is the adjective "nommable", to describe the body part of an animal that provokes the desire to nom.

Nosicle (moist) = Reference to the nose or nosey appendage of photo subject, up to and including an amount of moisture or saliva which may create a shiny texture, thus adding a layer of cuteness.

Prosh = Of particular sweetness, not in flavor but of cute. A mix of "precious" and "posh."

Redonkulous = "Crazy ridiculous awesomely cute." Often shortened to simply "redonk."

Tailio Iglesias = Reference to the tail of photo subject(s); play on the name of Julio Iglesias, who does not have a tail, but whose name is significantly cool to pronounce.

'Tocks = Shortened version of "buttocks", used in reference to the hindquarters of cute animals.

Ty-ty, Tie-tie = Description of "tired, sleepy" but cuter than saying "tired, sleepy."


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