List of University of Louisville people

The following is a list of people associated with the University of Louisville.

Notable Alumni

Arts and entertainment


  • Emanuel Eads, {Milwaukee, WI} (BBus 1954), CEO of Central Parking Systems, the world's largest parking management firm
  • Owsley Brown Frazier, {Louisville, KY} (BA 1958, JD 1960), former director of Brown-Forman Corporation
  • J. David Grissom {JD 1962}, chairman of Providian Financial, board of directors for Yum Brands, chairman of Mayfield Capital, Inc
  • Leonard V. Hardin, {BBus 1979} director of National City Bank
  • David A. Jones, {MBA 1954}, co-founder and former CEO of Humana Healthcare, KY's largest Fortune 500 company
  • Robert A. McGoodwin, {Lexington, KY} (BS) 1979), CEO of Lexington based McGoodwin Company, KY's largest historic site redevelopment company and one of the largest in the U.S.
  • Robert Nardelli, {Chicago, IL} (MBA 1975), CEO of Chrysler, former CEO of the Home Depot, former CEO of General Electric Company (GE)
  • George Nichols, III, {MA 1985}, senior Vice President of AARP New York Life Insurance Company
  • Sean O'Leary {IMBA 1995}, founder and CEO of Genscape, world's largest power grid monitoring company, traced source of 2003 Northeast (US) blackout
  • James Patterson, {MBA 1955}, co-founder of Long John Silvers, Rally's Hamburgers, and Chi-Chi's restaurant chains, President of Pattco Investments
  • J. Chester Porter, {JD 1966}, Chairman of Ascencia and PBI Banks
  • Stuart L. Scott, {ECS 1988}, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President and Chief Information Officer


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