Red Stone (video game)

Red Stone (or Red Gem) is a 2D MMORPG developed by L&K Logic Korea. There are currently three companies that hold licenses to the game, including GameOn and K2 Network. You have the choice between eight classes; these however are all divided into two subclasses each (for example a character can both the squire and warrior skill sets. Sometimes characters go through a sort of "metamorphosis" to transform from one subclass to another (e.g. magician to werewolf). ) There is also a very large array of weapons built on the principle of prefixes and suffixes (as in diablo. There is also a system of graded rarity, again derived from diablo. Parties of up to eight different people may be formed, and are often required to complete secret dungeons (SDs) where the best experience may be found. A guild system is available, and guild wars is the only form of pvp in the game.

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