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Sebastes is a genus of fish in the scorpionfish family Scorpaenidae, most of which have the common name of Rockfish. Most of the world's 102 rockfish species live in the north Pacific, although one species lives in the South Pacific/Atlantic and 4 species live in the north Atlantic. The coast off South California is the area of highest rockfish diversity, with 56 species living in the Southern California Bight.

The fossil record of rockfish goes back to the Miocene, from California (although one fossil from the Belgium may put the record back as far as the Oligocene).

Rockfish range from the intertidal zone to almost 3000 m deep, usually living benthically on various substrates, often (as the name suggests) around rock outcrops. Some rockfish species are very long lived, amongst the longest living fish on earth, with a maximum reported age of 205 years for Sebastes aleutianus (Cailliet et al. 2001).

Rockfish are an important sport and commercial fish, and many species have been overfished, and seasons are tightly controlled in many areas.


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