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Red Nose Day 2007

Red Nose Day 2007, was a fundraising event organised by Comic Relief, broadcast live on BBC One and BBC Two from the evening of March 16 2007 to early the following morning. It was part of "The Big One" campaign. Presenters introduced the show in two halfs, one titled 'The funny' and the other titled 'The money'.


Time Presenters
19.00-20.00 Lenny Henry and Fearne Cotton
20.00-21.00 Kate Thornton and Paul O'Grady
21.00-22.00 Chris Evans and Davina McCall
22.00-22.30 Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May
22.30-00.00 Jonathan Ross and Fearne Cotton
00.00-01.35 Graham Norton and Davina McCall
01.35-03.05 Russell Brand
03.05-04.30 Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

Donation progress

16 March 2007

  • 7.25pm - £2,256,037
  • 8.19pm - £7,430,542 (£2,000,136 raised by TK Maxx selling Red Nose Day t-shirts in store)
  • 9.09pm - £15,139,826 (£1,001,219 raised by Walkers WalkEars)
  • 9.48pm - £22,148,068 (£7,008,242 raised by Sainsbury's)
  • 9.54pm - £26,820,554
  • 11.30pm - £27,420,554 (£600,000 raised by BBC Radio 1)
  • 11.31pm - £27,771,803 (£351,249 raised by Müller)
  • 11.52pm - £34,269,843

17 March 2007

  • 12.39am - £34,346,177 (£76,334 from Andrex)
  • 1.35am - £38,157,240
  • 3.03am - £40,236,142


Title Appeal by Location Problem Solution
'Nothing can Prepare You' Ant and Dec Kenya Poor hygiene and waste disposal £90 builds a toilet cubicle that reduces the spread of disease.
'Net Danger' Ewan McGregor UK Internet child grooming £20 can keep a child safe.
'14 In One Room' Ant and Dec Kenya Malnutrition £60 gives a Kenyan child food for a month.
'Care for the Carers' ? UK 11 year old girl cares full time for both of her disabled parents £15 can give her a day out
'Preventable and Curable' Davina McCall Tanzania Malaria is killing children due to lack of medication and trained nurses 60p pays for medication to save a life.
'Safety Net' Davina McCall Tanzania Disease spreading by parasites £2.50 buys a mosquito net which can prevent fatal infections
'Families Reunited' Fearne Cotton UK Teenagers who have run away from home getting into trouble Comic Relief can keep them safe.
'A Kind of Miracle' Billy Connolly Somaliland Comic Relief has helped provide medical supplies and an ambulance.
'Why?' Annie Lennox Africa Report about those who have been saved and those less fortunate.
'Life Line' Davina McCall UK Victims of wife beating With money, Comic Relief can help.
'Child in Danger' ? Tanzania Child malnutrition £38 can buy six months food for a child.
'Darfur' Michael Palin Darfur, Western Sudan Genocide and victims of rape £15 helps rape victims.
'Lifesaving Care' Billy Connelly Cabrera AIDS sufferers deny illness and treatment to save face Money supports community hospitals who take away the social stigmata.
'Child by Child' ? Tanzania A child named Grey is suffering from Malaria Comic Relief has halved the death rate of people suffering from the same condition.
'Slavery In The UK' Emma Thompson UK A girl who left her own country in search of a new life, ended up a sex slave in a UK brothel Comic Relief gave the girl a new life.


Title Brief Decription Starring
Mr Bean's Wedding Brand new Mr. Bean sketch in which Bean sabotages a couple's wedding. Rowan Atkinson, Matthew Macfadyen, Michelle Ryan, Selina Cadell and David Haig
Harry Hill's TV Burp A special version of the show. Harry Hill, Mr. Blobby
Comic Relief Does Little Britain Live Several extracts from the live show of Little Britain performed at the Hammersmith Apollo on November 22 2006 Matt Lucas, David Walliams, Russell Brand, David Baddiel, Dennis Waterman, Kate Moss, Dawn French, Anthony Stewart Head, Paul Putner and Jonathan Ross
The Catherine Tate Show Lauren Cooper has a new teacher who looks like Doctor Who David Tennant
Elaine Figgis dates Daniel Craig Daniel Craig
Geordie Georgie has a bone to pick with Lenny Henry Lenny Henry
Lauren Cooper is on work experience at No.10 Prime Minister Tony Blair
Joannie "Nan" Taylor goes on Deal Or No Deal Noel Edmonds
One Love: Ricky Gervais In Kenya Satirical appeal video featuring Gervais and a number of celebrities. Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, Jamie Oliver, Bob Geldof, Andi Peters and Bono.
Mitchell and Webb Numberwang Carol Vorderman, Johnny Ball and Bill Turnbull.
Table Of Reds, a special rendition of Lady in Red. Chris De Burgh and Hazel Irvine
Aardman Animations Creature Comforts Preview of new American version made for CBS
EastEnders' Wellard the dog in claymation form Marc Wootton (voice)
The Vicar of Dibley A spoof of Celebrity Wife Swap Dawn French, Sting, Trudie Styler, Emma Chambers, Gary Waldhorn, James Fleet, Roger Lloyd Pack, Trevor Peacock, John Bluthal and Richard Armitage
Sawing A Lady In Half A sketch featuring a magic trick. Paul O'Grady
The Mighty Boosh A live sketch on stage. Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding
The Impressionists Movie based satire Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, Phil Cornwell and Ronni Ancona.
The Greatest Worst Bits of Comic Relief Special version of Time Trumpet, exposing Comic Relief's goofs, including the truth behind the Dawn French - Hugh Grant kiss. Armando Iannucci, Emma Thompson, Mark Watson, Joanna Neary, Richard Ayoade, David Sant, Andy Zaltzman, Adam Buxton, Matthew Holness, Paul Whitehouse, Rob Brydon and Rowan Atkinson

Musical performances

The show

Artist(s) Song Notes
Girls Aloud vs. Sugababes Walk This Way This song reached number 1 in the UK Singles chart on 2007-03-18
Brian Potter, Andy Pipkin and The Proclaimers I'm Gonna Roll (500 Miles) This song reached number 1 in the UK Singles chart on 2007-03-25 However, the previous week 2007-03-18 It reached number 3, based on downloads alone.
Take That Patience
The Killers Read My Mind
When You Were Young
Chris Moyles, Patrick Kielty and Jimmy Carr My Way

Top Gear of the Pops

Artist(s) Song Notes
Lethal Bizzle Mr. Deliberately cut short by Jeremy Clarkson who labelled it as 'just noise' and referred to him as "Jizzy Tissue" throughout the rest of the show.
Travis Closer The only song that was taken seriously.
Supergrass and Adrian Edmondson Richard III Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May 'glammed' up the song using excessive dry ice, a wind machine and 'Bonnie Tyler doves' (chickens).
McFly Top Gear Blues (a.k.a Sofa, Administration, Hyundai) Written by McFly during the production of the programme using the words 'Sofa', 'Administration' and 'Hyundai' but without 'Love', 'Baby' and 'Heart'.
Justin Hawkins Red Light Spells Danger With James May (keyboard), Richard Hammond (bass), Jeremy Clarkson (drums)


Comic Relief Does Fame Academy

Live final presented by Patrick Kielty and Claudia Winkleman with judges Craig Revel Horwood, Lesley Garrett and Richard Park and featuring Tricia Penrose singing "If I Ain't Got You" and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson - "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'".

Comic Relief Does The Apprentice

Alan Sugar decides which celebrity apprentice is not raising enough money for Comic Relief and fires them.

Comic Relief Does Beat The Boss

School children design a suit for Lenny Henry to wear whilst presenting tonights show.

Top Gear of the Pops

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May present their own Top Gear take on the axed chart show Top of the Pops featuring performances from Lethal Bizzle, McFly, Travis and Supergrass.

Pimp My Red Nose Ride

Tim Westwood presents a special edition of Pimp My Ride in which he visits an old peoples home in Staffordshire and then pimps their dishevelled 12 year old LDV community transport bus. The finished bus came complete with waterproof seating, a walking stick rack and an onboard bingo hall.

Stash of Celebrity Swag

Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr raid a celebrity's mansion in an updated version of Through the Keyhole and steal some of their belongings. Viewers can call in to win the bag of swag if they can guess, from the really obvious clues, who the swag belongs too. This phone-in competition was later subject to an investigation in which it was revealed the winner was faked. After the first two genuine callers got the answer wrong the queue was lost. After a delay the third caller and subsequent winner was faked by a crew member.

Cast & reporters



  • Osama Bin Laden, Shergar, 'That girl off Holby City' and Lord Lucan are credited as having appeared in the music video with Peter Kay and Andy Pipkin singing The Proclaimers "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)". Elton John is also credited, but this is in fact Ted Robbins impersonating him.
  • Chris Evans interviewed Bernie and Max, two boys who raised money by being tied together with ribbon.
  • BBC telethons are known for overunning. Its 10pm news break finished on time, though the show overran by over 90 minutes.
  • The original money raised by Radio 1 was £597,897. However according to Chris Moyles, himself, Scott Mills and Mark Chapman decided to donate £2103 between them to make the total £600,000.
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber , David Tennant and Elle MacPherson all had cameo roles as part of a running joke by Chris Evans about celebrities wanting to appear on the show. After labouring the point that they had very little time to squeeze everything in, Webber simply walked on, looked at his watch and then walked off again. Tennant was then interviewed for a record 10 seconds, simply being asked how he was and then later MacPherson appeared as if by mistake only to be ushered off again by Evans.


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