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Get Ready for This

"Get Ready for This" is a 1991 eurodance single by Dutch duo 2 Unlimited. It is perhaps the most played opening song for arena-based sporting events. It is arguably the most famous of the band's singles in the United States; having reached #38 on the Billboard Top 40, making it the band's only Top 40 hit. However, its success was eclipsed elsewhere in the world by their fifth single No Limit. The famous repeated line "Y'all ready for this?" is sampled from The D.O.C.'s hit single "It's Funky Enough".

Get Ready for This! 2001

Yves De Ruyter Remix

After the moderate success of Greatest Hits Remixes in 2001, two white labels were released with remixes of Get Ready For This. The first 12" was released in May 2001 in Belgium with a Trance remix by heavy weight DJ/Producer Yves De Ruyter. Although just a single sided pressing featuring the full 12" remix, the radio edit was officially released later in the 2002 release Trance Remixes (Special Edition).

Originally, the remix De Ruyter made was to be released in the 2001 release of Greatest Hits Remixes but was one of the stolen master tapes taken to Russia for a bootleg release in 2000.

Robbie Rivera Remixes

Following the May release, August 2001 saw the release of the another Get Ready For This remix editon by Puerto Rican DJ/Producer Robbie Rivera. Also released on white label, these remixes focussed more on the Latino House genre with some slight of hand cross-overs into other House genres.

Roughly mixed, and clouded in samples from other sources, this release also had very little success, but is now regarded as a collectable item and is sort after by fans of Robbie Rivera and 2 unlimited.

These remixes were never released officially anywhere else.


  • Yves De Ruyter Radio Edit (3:18)
  • Yves De Ruyter Remix (8:50)
  • Rivera Latin Groove Remix (6:35)
  • Big Groove Remix (7:52)
  • Dark Remix (7:00)

Track listings

12" White Label A "Get Ready For This" (Yves De Ruyter Remix) 12" White Label A "Get Ready For This" (Rivera Latin Groove Remix)
B1 "Get Ready For This" (Big Groove Remix)
B2 "Get Ready For This" (Dark Remix)

Released and Reception

Originally, the single was released as an instrumental (entitled the "Orchestral Mix") in the spring of 1991. "Get Ready For This" was an immediate success reaching #2 in the UK and #14 on the U.S. Dance charts, and #38 on the Billboard Hot 100. Conscious of their popularity, Wilde & De Coster wanted a more accessible, formatted formula for their project to grow. Raymond Lothar Slijngaard was then contacted to write lyrics and add a rap to the track. On his suggestion, Anita Dels joined in as the female vocalist.

Some months later the rap version was released, this time with raps by Ray and Vocals by Anita. But for the second UK release of the single, an edit of the original 'Orchestral Mix' was used, without vocals from the song except for the sampled "Y'all ready for this?" line. This was done by record producer Pete Waterman, who owned the record label 2 Unlimited were licenced to for UK releases. Subsequent 2 Unlimited releases would restore singer Anita Doth's vocals, but Raymond Slijngaard's raps would be cut out for several releases to come, including their 1993 number 1 "No Limit".

In other media

Track listings

CD maxi

  1. "Get Ready for This" (Rap Version) (5:53)
  2. "Get Ready for This" (Orchestral Mix) (5:31)
  3. "Get Ready for This" (Wilde Mix) (5:55)
  4. "Get Ready for This" (Rio & Le Jean Mix) (3:06)
  5. "Get Ready for This" (Rapversion Edit) (3:42) CD maxi
  6. "Get Ready For This" (Extended Techno Mix) (5:54)
  7. "Get Ready For This" (Rap Version) (4:36)
  8. "Get Ready for This" (Wilde Mix) (5:58)

7" single

  1. "Get Ready for This" (Rap Version) (3:42)
  2. "Get Ready for This" (Instrumental Version) (3:42) 12" maxi
  3. "Get Ready for This" (Orchestral Mix) (5:31)
  4. "Get Ready for This" (800 Mix) (5:14)
  5. "Pacific Walk" (3:05) 12" maxi - Remixes
  6. "Get Ready for This" (Rap Version) (5:26)
  7. "Get Ready for This" (Orchestral Mix) (5:54)
  8. "Get Ready for This" (Wilde Mix) (5:55)
  9. "Get Ready For This" (Rio & Le Jean Mix) (3:08)


Chart (1991) Peak
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 38
U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play 14
U.S. Billboard Hot Singles Recurrents 1
U.S. Billboard Top 40 Mainstream 17
Australian Singles Chart 2
Dutch Singles Chart 10
Irish Singles Chart 3
New Zealand Singles Chart 50
Spanish Singles Chart 2
Swedish Singles Chart 36
UK Airplay Chart 33
UK Singles Chart 2

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