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Here, There and Everywhere

"Here, There and Everywhere" is a song largely written by Paul McCartney (though credited to Lennon/McCartney), recorded for the Beatles 1966 album Revolver. In his biography, "Many Years From Now", McCartney is quoted as saying that the song is one of his favourites. Beatles' producer George Martin has also mentioned it as one of his favorite Paul McCartney songs.


The song is known for its bittersweet tune, harmonic scheme, and subtle arrangement. The cheerful melody of the verses is counteracted by the more haunting minor modes of the bridge. McCartney, in fact, mentioned in the 1989 radio series McCartney On McCartney that the beginning with its ooh-aah backing vocals was meant to have a Beach Boys sound.

It has been speculated that the song follows the story of an ageing man who is close to death, and wants to enjoy his last days with his love, and that when he passes on, he will still be here, there and everywhere.

This track features one of McCartney's highest vocals; he said in his autobiography that he was actually trying to sing it in the style of Marianne Faithfull. His vocals are multi-tracked.

Cover versions

Noted performers who have covered "Here, There and Everywhere" include Bobbie Gentry, Locksley, George Shearing,Emmylou Harris, Clay Aiken, Jose Feliciano (instrumental), The Lettermen, John McDermott, Claudine Longet, Céline Dion (for a George Martin/Beatles tribute album), George Benson, Perry Como and Sissel. The Original Flying Pickets created an a cappella version of this song. There is an Irish music version by Sharon Hussey. Kenny Loggins did his own version of the song for his Kenny Loggins Alive album. The live version was his acoustic set in one of his recorded concerts.

Culture references

In the TV series Friends, this song is played on steel drums when Phoebe Buffay walks down the aisle during her wedding. It was the second time a song written by Paul McCartney was used in a wedding sequence in the series; the first being My Love when Chandler and Monica married.

There is a startling melodic resemblance between the song's bridge and the main melody of She Is a Diamond from the 1979 Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Evita.


  • John Lennon: rhythm guitar, background vocals and finger-snaps.
  • Paul McCartney: bass guitar, double-tracked lead vocal, background vocals and finger-snaps.
  • George Harrison: 12-string lead guitar, background vocals and finger-snaps.
  • Ringo Starr: drums and finger-snaps.


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