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Öre is the one-hundredth subdivision of the Swedish krona currency unit. The plural and singular are the same in the indefinite forms, whereas the singular definite form is öret and the plural form is ören. Since 1991, the only coin in use with a value below 1 SEK is the 50 öre coin. See the article about the krona for more information.

The corresponding subdivisions of the Norwegian krone and the Danish krone are called øre.

Historically, the öre was a unit of Swedish currency equal to 24 penningar. This öre was withdrawn in 1776. It returned in 1855 as 1/100 of the riksdaler.

The name derives from the Latin aureus (gold), the name of a coin worth 25 denarii.

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Other coin names that are derived from the gold of which they were once made:

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