''This article describes the RCS&RDS SA company based in Romania.

RCS&RDS is one of the largest Romanian and Eastern European telecoms, offering nation wide satellite television, cable television, cable internet, VOIP, and 3G services. The company, which is based in Bucharest, Romania, was formed in April 2005 by the de jure merging of Romania Cable Systems (RCS) and Romania Data Systems (RDS) (the companies were under the same ownership from the very beginning and operating de facto as a single unit long before that).

As of 2007, the company has:



RCS&RDS is Romania's first and largest adopter of the FTTB concept. In addition to its own, the company is aggressively acquiring smaller ventures possessing such infrastructures, usually in the form of "Neighbourhood Networks" (Retea de cartier).

The worst connection ever for internet and also you have to pay for a service you've never had, when you want to give up to your contract. The contract contains only obligations for the receiver, no rights and only rights for the provider (RCS & RDS), no obligations. PLease read carefully before signing any contract with this company. There is there, somewhere, specified, that in case you want to give up to your contract, for whatever reason, you have to pay 45 Euros. You have to pay this amount even if you didn't get any internet connection during the contract, but nerves and stupid explanations when you phone to ask why is this happening. Just immagine that someone is telling you that you dont't have internet connection because you are using Windows Vista and this doesn't make a certain icon which helps you to connect your computer to internet. Just for my curiosity: Which Windows is making any icon by itself, without asking you to accept, agree or give OK for doing this? Unless is not a virus which makes anything it is programmed to make. After all you have to pay for this stupidity. And is not cheap. In any civilized country this would be named THEFT. Not in Romania, of course. Good luck iof you choose RCS & RDS. I would go with Romtelecom.


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