De'Mario Monte Thornton, (born June 13, 1985) better known by his stage name Raz-B is an American singer, most famous for being a member of R&B boy band B2K.


Born in Ohio, Raz B was a member of the teen R&B group B2K. He is of African American descent. As a multi-platinum-selling artist, he developed his production talents and business sensibilities early on while also assisting in organizing the group's tours and performances. The release of B2K’s album, Pandemonium! and an accompanying tour finished the year for him that concluded with the release of the group’s first feature film, You Got Served.

Raz B is to continue his career in the music industry. Part of his agenda is the release of a compilation record project that will convey positive messages and in his words, "bring families together." Distributed through his newly created production company, RazBeatz Entertainment: Heal the World will feature collaborations with a host of emerging artists.

Along with the release of the "Heal the World" project, Raz has a solo venture in the making. Anticipating the release of his solo album, titled "Raz B: Boy 2 King", Raz hopes to bridge cultures through entertainment and create music that speaks from the soul with his first solo debut. Leading up to his official unveiling as a soloist, Raz released his first debut single, "Fire" in May of 2007. "Fire" officially debuted on the Billboard charts (the week of 5/12/07) on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales charts debuting at #2 and also hitting the Billboard Hot Singles Sales charts at #11. At the time there was literally no promotion behind the single as it debuted.

An avid reader, Raz has future plans to release his autobiography, which will be both reflective and revealing to many of his fans. Additionally, projects on the immediate horizon include television, film properties, charity ventures and several international ventures.

Albums with B2K

Year Album US US R&B UK
2002 B2K (Gold) 2 1 -
2002 B2K: The Remixes - Volume 1 (EP) 129 47 -
2002 Pandemonium! (Platinum) 10 3 35
2002 Santa Hooked Me Up (EP) 132 35 -
2003 The Remixes - Volume 2 (EP) 192 38 -
2004 B2K Greatest Hits - 76 -

Singles with B2K

Year Single Chart positions Album
US Hot 100 US R&B US Rhythmic Top 40 UK singles
"Uh Huh" 37 20 14 35 B2K
2002 "Gots Ta Be 34 13 14 - B2K
2002 "Why I Love You" 73 19 - - B2K and Pandemonium!
2002 "Bump, Bump, Bump" (with P. Diddy) 1 2 1 24 Pandemonium!
2003 "Girlfriend" 30 19 15 10 Pandemonium!
2003 "Feelin' Freaky" (Nick Cannon featuring B2K) 92 46 - - Nick Cannon
2003 "What A Girl Wants" - 47 - - Pandemonium!
2003 "Uh Huh 2003" - - - 31 The Remixes - Volume 2
2004 "Badaboom" (feat. Fabolous) 59 29 22 26 You Got Served Soundtrack
2008 "Body Up" (without Omarion)

In the beginning of 2008, a song titled "Body Up" was leaked; Raz-B leads this B2K 2008 song. Omarion is the only former B2K member who did not take part in the groups return.

Discography as solo artist

Boy 2 King

  • Released: May 2007 (Single sold in F.Y.E. stores) (digital download)
  • Singles:
    • "Fire"

Cameo appearances



  • Noah's Arc (1 episode, 2006)
  • Celebrity Rehab on VH1 (Guest of Jamie Foxxworth) (3 episodes, 2008)

Chris Stokes allegations

On December 24, 2007, videos were released on YouTube, and various internet media outlets showing Raz-B discussing allegations of rape and sexual misconduct by his ex-manager, Chris Stokes, against himself and fellow members of his former band, B2K. In the videos, Raz-B also alleged that similar goings-on took place with former members of the band IMx. Chris Stokes denied all allegations made about him. The original videos have been pulled by a "copyright claim from a third Party."

On December 26, 2007, a third part of the allegations was released. Thorton made a public apology stating that the allegations were not true about Chris Stokes and Marques Houston.

Some have alleged that this apology was forced or coached. 17 seconds into the video a voice, off camera, can be heard coaching Raz-B to mention Chris Stokes by name. When Raz-B apologizes "for any hurt this may have caused publicly, financially..." A male voice can be heard off camera saying "No-no not financially." The video ends abruptly at that point.

Adding to the rumors that Raz-B was forced against his will to make the video apology are his brother, Ricardo Thornton's, claimed that his brother had not been in contact with him for over 24 hours, which was unlike his brother. This comes on top of allegations that came when a photo of IMx surfaced on the internet of the three group members in their underwear lying next to each other on a bed.

On January 3, 2008, a video surfaced on where Raz-B, his brother Ricky Thornton, and Chris Stokes were leaving a restaurant together with Raz-B proclaiming,"The whole world want to see this, come on Chris Stokes" and "We love each other, man!"


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