raving mad

Stark Raving Mad (film)

Stark Raving Mad is a 2002 straight-to-DVD film about a heist pulled during a rave produced by A Band Apart.

The film was directed and written by Drew Daywalt and David Schneider. It stars Seann William Scott, Lou Diamond Phillips, Timm Sharp, Patrick Breen, John B. Crye, Monet Mazur, C. Ernst Harth, and Dave Foley. The movie featured soundtrack by John Digweed.


The plot follows a linear structure, encompassing the events of one night in a nightclub which is run by protagonist Ben (Seann William Scott). The job is merely a cover for an illict and complex bank heist orchestrated by the main character as a means of stealing a revered, ancient chinese statuette and clearing his and his late-brother's debt with the crime lord. Ben must complete this task before dawn in order to spare his own life. As such,he hires three, experienced bank robbers to perform the actual act while he and his assistant ensure that the club night runs smoothly and without incident. However, such is not the case.

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