House of Ventimiglia

The Ventimiglia were a noble Italian family with fiefdoms in Liguria and Southern Italy.

The Ventimiglia family was originated from the union of Serlone II d'Altavilla, a Godson and relative of Ruggero Gran Count of Sicily, and his wife Lady Isabella de Candia et Creon-Nevers, Countess of Geraci, of the House of Candia. This marital union gave origin to the Ventimiglia line, the successors of Serlon were: Eliusa, Rinaldo di Bernaville, Rocca di Bernaville, Ruggero di Creon, Guerrera de Creon, Ruggero de Candida, Alduino de Candia, Elisabetta de Candia who married Count Enrico I of Ventimiglia from whom descended Guglielmo II. The French branch uses de Vintimille and the Spanish branch uses de Veintimiglia.

Another branch, the Lascaris (di Ventimiglia) Conti di Tenda, is descended in female line from the Laskaris of the Empire of Nicaea through the marriage in 1262 of Pietro I, Conte di Ventimiglia, Signore de Tenda (d. 1278) with Eudokia Laskarina (b. 1254), daughter of Emperor Theodore II Laskaris and wife Princess Elena of Bulgaria. Empress Josephine de Beauharnais is a descendant from it. A branch also located in Sicily and the husband of one of them founded Ventimiglia di Sicilia. Some empoverished members of the Sicilian branch went to the United States of America.

Members of the family include:

Titles held by the family include:


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