Country-rap is a genre of popular music blending country music with hip hop music-style rapping. The style is also known as hick-hop.

Artists known primarily as rappers with noted country influences include Bubba Sparxxx, Cowboy Troy, and Nappy Roots. The country-rap label can also include country-influenced rap rock artists such as Kid Rock and Everlast.

Other examples

  • Country Rap was the title of an album by The Bellamy Brothers, released in 1987. The album's title track (which was released as a single) was performed in rap, accompanied by guitar.
  • Two of Toby Keith's songs have drawn comparisons to rap: "Getcha Some" (1998) and "I Wanna Talk About Me" (2001). Both songs feature recited verses and an insistent rhythm.
  • Neal McCoy regularly performs "Hillbilly Rap" in concert. This song is a mix of the Beverly Hillbillies theme song, Harry Belafonte's "Banana Boat Song", and various samples, all performed in rap. The song can be found on his 2005 That's Life album.
  • Tim McGraw and Nelly collaborated on a song called "Over and Over". This single was not released to country radio, however.
  • Several Big & Rich songs exhibit hip-hop influences in lyrical delivery and musical arrangement, most notably "Rollin' (The Ballad of Big & Rich)", which features a rap section performed by Cowboy Troy.
  • "Cowboy Style", a track from Steve Forde's 2006 album Rowdy features appearances by rappers Vanilla Ice and Barney Rubble.


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