Helen F'ranks

 Helen F'ranks was slave girl. She was born in 1786 and died a few years later in 1802. Thomas Murphy was her owner. She worked on a farm in New Orleans, Louisiana. No one is 100% sure how she died, because her story has been told by other slaves that new her it has become distorted.  Some say she was brutally murdered by her father, Caleb F'ranks. Others say her owner Thomas Murphy beat her to death.  Helen has been told to be a very friendly girl, she loved to sing while she worked, she was always one to help.  Thomas Murphy and Helen had a secret love affair, Thomas' wife found out about it and that is why some say that he killed her.  Caleb had two other children, but there is no record of their name or age.  Caleb found out about the love affair and it made him furious.  His other children plotted against Helen because she was being treated better by Thomas and became very jealous.  Caleb followed through with the children's plan and brutally murdered her.  She is famous for her song "Sweet chariot".  Hopefully someday we will be sure of how she died.
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