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"Geum-ran" (alternately spelled Geumlan) is the character in Dae Jo Yeong (TV series), the adopted sister of Mimosa, later becoming the meritorious retainer of Balhae. She is Baekje but works for Dae Jo-yeong because of her follower. She has once worked as a spy in Dongmyeong-Cheonjedang (Hangul: 동명천제단)a group made to defeat Tang and Khitans, pretending that she cannont speak. Although it is later revealed that she was indeed a spy, Xue Rengui seems to show a little sympathy for her when she is brought to kill.

Relationship with Geol sabiu

The relationship with Geolsa Biu was uncertain until episode 128. Before that, they seemed to like each other but it was not directly mentioned although Mimosa seemed to releaze.

Geolsa Biu and Geum-ran has worked lots of times as team, mostly. At the episode 128, when they are trapped by Li Wen and the cliff ahead of them, under them water, Geol sabiu holds her hand and jump together. They swim to one cave and there, Geum-ran with hurt leg and feet.

The Death

When they try to escape the cave and run, they are unfortunately spotted by Li-Wen and his lackeys. Geum-Ran, who has injured feet, asks Geolsa Biu to carry her using a piggyback ride, to allow a faster escape. Geolsa Biu agrees. Li Wen orders archers to shoot at them. All these arrows land on Geum-ran's back, bringing about her death.

As she dies, her thoughts are: "That was all and the last thing I can do for you, general." This shows that she purposely sacrificed herself to save Geolsa Biu. Geolsa Biu, in his haste to escape Li Wen's army, does not realize that his lover is dead. Only after having successfully managed to evade capture from Li Wen does he realizes that Geum-ran is dead when he attempts to propose to her. Seeing that she did not reply and because of the fact that there was blood driping from her hand, he realized what had happened.

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