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Raise Hell


Raise Hell is a thrash metal band from Sweden. The group changed names several times in their early history; their first demo, 1997's Nailed, was released under the name In Cold Blood, which they abandoned for Raise Hell after signing with Nuclear Blast while still in their teens. After the album's release the group toured Europe with, among others, Dismember and Children of Bodom. Their second album, Not Dead Yet, was released in 1999 and produced by Anders Friden (of In Flames). It was followed by a tour with Destruction. After further touring and appearances at the Wacken Open Air Festival, the group returned to the studio in 2002 for Wicked Is My Game. Lead singer/guitarist Jonas Nilsson left the group in February 2003 and was replaced by Jimmy Fjällendahl (ex-Driftaway) soon after. The group signed with Black Lodge Records in 2004; City of the Damned followed in 2006, and another tour of Europe with Necrophobic and Origin Blood followed later that year.


  • Jonas Nilsson - guitar, vocals (1995-2003)
  • Jimmy Fjällendahl - guitar, vocals (2003-present)
  • Torstein Wickberg - guitar
  • Niklas Sjöström - bass
  • Dennis Ekdahl - drums



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