raise from dead

The Best of REZ: Music to Raise the Dead

The Best of REZ: Music to Raise the Dead was the seventh release, and first compilation album, from American Christian rock band Resurrection Band, released in 1984.

Recording history

This album only covers the time that the band was on Light Records, so selections from Awaiting Your Reply and Rainbow's End are nowhere to be heard. In addition, since Resurrection Band itself was not involved with this release, the band has expressed disappointment in its selection of songs, which are arguably a weak selection of Resurrection Band's best material from that period. The Light Years, released in 1995 and featuring more than twice as many tracks, is a much more comprehensive overview.

Track listing

All songs written by Glenn Kaiser unless otherwise noted

  1. "Colours" – 4:58
  2. "Military Man" (G. Kaiser, Jon Trott, Stu Heiss, Jim Denton) – 3:38
  3. "Elevator Muzik" – 1:55
  4. "Mommy Don't Love Daddy Anymore" (G. Kaiser, Trott) – 3:53
  5. "Amazing" (G. Kaiser, Denton) – 2:22
  6. "Area 312" (Trott, Wendi Kaiser, Heiss, Denton) – 3:54
  7. "American Dream" (Trott, G. Kaiser, Denton) – 3:24
  8. "Autograph" – 4:03
  9. "Can't Get You Outta My Mind" – 2:52
  10. "So in Love with You" (G. Kaiser, Trott) – 3:38


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