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Masters of Hardcore

Masters of Hardcore is the currently biggest and most well-known indie gabber music record label.

Founded in 1996 in Zaandam, Netherlands, MOH was set out to revive the then stagnating gabber scene, which was considered watered down and blending into other "non-purist" genres like happy hardcore and hard house.

MOH was founded by American gabba DJ Rob Gee and Dutch producer J.D.A., soon agglomerating purist hardcore performers such as Bass-D & King Matthew, DJ Buzz Fuzz, DJ Paul Elstak and The Masochist. The raw and straightforward sound struck a chord with the people who were once fans of oldskool gabber, and soon, MOH became the number one hardcore label in the world.

MOH (as of 2006) continues to organize large hardcore events (the latest being in February 2008 in the Netherlands) with thousands of attenders, as well as releasing annual compilation CDs.


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