Rafferty's Rules

Rafferty's Rules

Rafferty's Rules was an Australian television drama series which ran from 1987 to 1990 on the Seven Network.

The producers of the series were Posie Graeme-Evans (1987-1988), and Denis Phelen. The directors were Graham Thorburn, Mike Smith and Russell Webb. The writers were David Allen, John Upton, Tim Gooding and David Marsh.

The series was also shown in the U.K on Satellite channel Lifestyle in 1991. It was shown daily at 2pm.


Both John Wood and Catherine Wilkin received TV Week Logie Awards for their work on Rafferty's Rules.

  • John received the Logie Awards for Most Outstanding Actor in both 1988 and 1989 — and Catherine Wilkin received the Logie Award for Most Outstanding Actress in 1988.


Michael Rafferty, who is a Stipendiary Magistrate, drives to work in an old blue VW Kombi van. He owns a cat named Rhubarb.

Rafferty is separated from his wife, with whom he had two children (a son and a daughter).

Rafferty also has an older daughter, Rebecca Browning, who is in her early twenties — and of whose existence he was unaware until she contacted him after she had grown up (Rebecca's mother is a woman who Michael Rafferty had known before he met his wife, and who he had not seen since his marriage).

Rafferty also has a brother, Patrick Rafferty, who is a State Member of Parliament.


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Series location

The series is based at a Magistrates' Court in Manly (a Sydney beachside suburb), over which Michael Rafferty presided.


"Rafferty's Rules" is also an Australian colloquialism which means "No rules".


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