The Radio Man

The Radio Man is a science fiction novel by author Ralph Milne Farley. It is the first book in Farley's Radio Man series. It was first published in book form in 1948 by Fantasy Publishing Company, Inc. in an edition of 1,000 copies. The novel was originally serialized in the magazine Argosy.

Plot introduction

The novel concerns electrical engineer Myles Cabot, who disappears from his home in Boston while performing an experiment. He finds himself transported to the planet Venus where he is captured by the Formians, a race of ant-like creatures. After learning of the Cupians, a human-like race that is subservient to the Formians, Cabot escapes and falls in love with the Cupian princess Lilla. He goes on to introduce the Cupians to gunpowder and leads them in a revolt against their Formian masters.

Publication history

  • 1924, USA, Argosy, Pub date 26 June 1924, Magazine serialization in 4 parts
  • 1939, USA, Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Pub date December 1939, Magazine serialization in 3 parts
  • 1948, USA, Fantasy Publishing Company, Inc. , Pub date 1948, Hardback, first book publication
  • 1950, USA, Avon 285 , Pub date 1950, Paperback, as An Earthman on Venus


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