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WNTH is the FM radio station of New Trier High School. The station broadcasts to most parts of New Trier Township, Illinois at 88.1 FM.


WNTH is owned by the New Trier school board. The station has an output power of 100 watts, which is sufficient to reach all the territory in the New Trier district and much of the surrounding area. As of the 2006-2007 broadcasting season, the station delivers 24 hours of content a day on every day, Sundays and holidays included. The station can be found at 88.1 on the FM dial.

The station is entirely run by students under the supervision of a few faculty members. Each year, a new group of students is selected to take charge of the station. This group consists of the board, which includes 10 to 12 positions, and a staff of students. The board's job is to make sure the station is running smoothly and effectively.

While WNTH broadcasts student shows, it also broadcasts live coverage of New Trier's own athletic events.



WNTH gives the students of New Trier High School the opportunity to have sports, music, talk and news shows six days a week. The radio station broadcasts live feeds of many concerts and sports games throughout the year. In past years, sports shows have featured guests such as major league baseball player Craig Counsell and White Sox Assistant General Manager Rick Hahn. It also has featured ESPN's Dick Vitale.


  • 1961 - WNTH first went on the air on December 10, 1961. Its purpose then was to broadcast lessons to absent students so they would not fall too far behind in their classes. Today, it is used to broadcast music, talk, news and sports shows all put together and operated by the students of New Trier High School.
  • March, 2005 - On March 6, 2005, WNTH held a fundraising drive to raise money for the victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami. The drive raised over $18,000 and featured notable guests such as baseball great Ryne Sandberg, Kathy of the radio show "Eric and Kathy on the Mix", and Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.
  • March, 2006 - On March 5, 2006, WNTH held its second annual WNTH Radio-Thon with this year's profits benefitting Children's Memorial Hospital in downtown Chicago. This event raised over $12,000 for C.M.H and featured guests such as former WNTH and Chicagoland DJ Rick Block from the Hotmix 6 Chicago, Rainn Wilson from NBC's "The Office", ESPN NCAA Basketball Analyst Dick Vitale, WTMX's 101.9FM Kathy Hart from "The Eric & Kathy Show" and many more!
  • In the school year of 2006-2007, the station was led by a foursome of Mitchell Fridman, Daniel Feiger, Jack Hart, and Henry Gibson. These young men revitalized WNTH and brought a new desire for students to join the station resulting from their great dedication to the station's success.

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