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List of radio stations in Greece

Greece has well over 1,000 radio stations, most of them on the FM band, the AM band being almost entirely abandoned by everyone but the State-run media. In March, 2001, the Greek government shut down approximately 60 of the 90+ FM radio stations in the Athens area, citing interference to frequencies to be used by the new Athens International Airport. There are some who believe that the government shut down these stations as a political favor to powerful publishing and media groups, whose stations, for the most part, remained on the air, while others argued that the licensing process was legally inconsistent. As a result, the licensing process came under legal scrutiny, and in 2002, 8 of these stations reopened, and in 2004-2005, several more stations reopened following a relevant court order. Since then, more stations have opened, most of them without any legal permission to do so. Many of these stations are the same ones which were shut down in 2001. It is unknown yet what a new licensing process will look like and what it will require of applicants, which stations and how many stations will be licensed, and what will happen to stations that are unlicensed, considering the current government's inability or lack of will to control the airwaves. Here is a list of some major FM stations in Greece.:

Athens region

Most radio stations in Athens broadcast from Mount Ymittos, to the east of the city (but west of the Athens International Airport in Spata. A smaller minority of stations operate from Mount Parnitha, northwest of the city, or Mount Aigaleo, bordering the west of the city. Many stations also have repeaters on the island of Aegina, south of Athens in the Saronic Sea, to cover coastal regions of Athens, including Glyfada and Vouliagmeni, which due to the topography of the region, cannot receive clear signals from the other locations.

Most stations broadcast in stereo and several employ the Radio Data System (RDS) technology. Most stations also broadcast with rather high wattage, ranging anywhere from 2kW to 15-30 kW or perhaps more, as official data on this isn't made available publicly. Currently, 41 private stations are legally permitted to broadcast in Athens, in addition to the state radio broadcast stations.

Recently, BARI-Focus - - was chosen as the official company to measure audience listening data and ratings for stations in the Athens region. Previous to that, BARI-Focus had been one of several companies tracking audience ratings.

Frequency Name

Website On air since Description Listen live
87.5 FM Kriti FM 1999-2001, 2004-present Traditional music of Crete
87.7 FM 87.7 En Lefko 1999 Eclectic local programming, relays BBC World Service features
88.0 FM Oasis 88 FM 2005 Greek "laika"
88.3 FM 88.3 Village FM 2002 Greek/foreign hits; formerly Klik FM 88
88.6 FM John Greek 2005 Greek hit music; formerly Polis 88.6
88.9 FM Angel 88.9 FM 2005 Soft pop; formerly Jeronimo Groovy FM
89.2 FM Sportime FM 2007 Sports radio
89.5 FM Ecclesia tis Ellados 1989 National; religious radio station of the Church of Greece
89.8 FM Dromos 89,8 2004 Greek/foreign pop music
90.1 FM 90.2 Aristera sta FM 1988 National, owned by the Communist Party of Greece; Leftist news/talk, eclectic Greek music
90.4 FM Kanali 1 FM 1987 Pireaeus Municipal Radio; local news, talk, music
90.65 FM Radio Asty Greek music
90.9/95.6 FM ERA Trito 1950s National; third station of Greek state radio; classical music and the arts
91.2 FM Peiraiki Ekklesia 1988 Station of Church of Piraeus; religious news/talk
91.4 FM Kritiki Radiofonia 1998 Traditional Cretan music
92.0 FM Galaxy 92 1989 Foreign soft pop
92.3 FM Lampsi FM 1995 Greek Top 40 music
92.6 FM Best Radio 2001 Foreign alternative/electronic music
92.9 FM Kiss FM 92.9 1991 National; Adult Hits, The Best Music of 80's, 90's & Today
93.2 FM Orange 93.2 FM 2002 Greek/foreign hit music
93.6/107.0 FM Kosmos 93.6 2000 World music; Fifth station of Greek state radio
94.0 FM Epikinonia FM 1988 Municipal Radio of Neo Iraklio; eclectic
94.3 FM XFM 1987 Municipal Radio of Ano Liosia; Greek pop music, news, talk
94.6 FM Nova Sport FM 1997 National; sports broadcasts, sports news/talk
94.9 FM Rhythmos FM 2000 Greek Top 40
95.2 FM Athens Radio Deejay 2000 National; foreign Top 40
96.0 FM Flash 96 1988 National; news, talk
96.3 FM Red FM 2004 60s–80s foreign rock
96.6 FM HiJack 96.6 2007 Foreign chart hits
96.9 FM Rock FM 96.9 1989 Foreign alternative and classic rock
97.2 FM Antenna Radio 1987 News, talk, contemporary music
97.5 FM Love Radio 97.5 1996 National; Greek/foreign soft pop
97.8 FM Real FM 2007- News, talk and music
98.0 FM Free FM Athens 2005 Foreign dance/electronic music
98.05 FM Radio 98 FM 2002 Pirate; small coverage area
98.3 FM Athena 98.4 FM 1987 News, talk, eclectic music; City of Athens Municipal Radio; first legal private radio station in Greece
98.6 FM Derti 98.6 2006 Laïka music; formerly Superstar FM and Eva FM
98.9 FM Alpha Radio 1999 National; news, talk; formerly Alpha News
99.2 FM Melodia FM 1991 Eclectic/quality Greek music
99.5 FM City 99,5 2007 News and lifestyle programs, music
99.8 FM Radio Astro 1989-2001, 2005- Greek laika music
100.0 FM Floga FM Greek laika music
100.3 FM Skai Radio 1988 National; news, talk; BBC World Service and Voice of America relays
101.1 FM Pathos FM 101.1 2001 Greek. Laika. Nisiotika. Cretan
101.3 FM Diesi 101.3 2004 Contemporary Greek/foreign music; formerly Stathmos FM
101.55 FM FM1 Greek music
100.9/101.8/105.0 FM;
various frequencies throughout Greece
ERA Spor Public; national; sports programming fourth station of Greek state radio
102.2 FM Radio Sfera 1996 National; Greek hit music
102.5 FM Nitro Radio 1995 Foreign hit music
103.1 FM Radio Blackman Pirate station; "laika" music
103.3 FM Radio Gold 1995-2001, 2004- Foreign Classic Rock and Oldies
103.7/102.9/99.9 FM, various frequencies nationally ERA Deutero National; quality Greek music; second station of Greek state radio
104.0 FM Parea FM 2005 News, Greek pop music
104.2 FM Top FM Greek music
104.4 FM Athens International Radio 2004 International, broadcasts in 12 languages
104.6 FM Athens Shock Radio 1988 - 2001, 2004 - Mixed International & Greek Music
105.2 FM Atlantis FM 1998-2001, 2004- Greek rock/alternative
105.5 FM Sto Kokkino 2005 Station of Synaspismos political party
105.8/91.6 FM/97.9; 729 MW;
NET 105.8 National; news, talk; first station of Greek state radio
106.0 FM Radio Zita Greek music
106.2 FM Mad Radio 2006 Greek & foreign pop, formerly Diva FM
106.5 FM Radio Alfa Greek music
106.7 FM Digital FM 2001 Greek "laika" music
107.2 FM Blue Space FM 2004 Foreign disco music
107.4 FM Star Radio Athens Greek music
107.6 FM Aktina FM 1999-2001, 2005- Greek music
107.8 FM Super FM Greek music
108.0 FM Ihorama FM Greek music

Thessaloniki region

In the Thessaloniki region a licensing bid for 27 FM frequencies has been on hold for several years, while engineering studies have shown that up to 19 more radio stations could possibly broadcast safely in the region, though it remains to be seen how many, if any, additional frequencies will be tendered.

Most radio stations in Thessaloniki broadcast from Mount Hortiatis, slightly northeast of the city. A very small minority broadcast from or have repeaters in other points throughout the region. Most stations broadcast in stereo, but a small (but slowly growing) number use the Radio Data System. Like in Athens, most stations use excessively high wattage. Temporarily, most, but not all, stations are broadcasting with legal "permission" from Greece's Radio-Television Committee (Ethniko Simvoulio Radiotileorasis), until and if new licenses are issued.

Frequency Name

Website On air since Description Listen live
87.2 FM Radio Agapi Greek "laika" music, rembetika
87.6 FM Laikos FM Greek "laika" music
88.0 FM NET 105.8 Rebroadcast of first program of Greek state radio, from Athens
88.5 FM 88miso Foreign modern rock
89.0 FM 89 Rainbow Foreign hit music
89.4 FM Lampsi FM Greek pop music
89.7 FM Imagine 89,7 Foreign rock music
90.0 FM ERA Deytero Rebroadcast of second program of Greek state radio, from Athens
90.4 FM 904 Aristera sta FM Owned by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE)
90.8 FM Zoo Radio Foreign hit music
91.1 FM Stathmos Odisseia Greek "oldies"
91.4 FM Ola 91.4 Greek music
91.7 FM RSO 91.7 Foreign "oldies" (hits from the '70s,'80s & '90s)
92.0 FM ERA Trito Rebroadcast of third program of Greek state radio, from Athens
92.4 FM Radio Ekfrasi Eclectic Greek music
92.8 FM Ellinikos FM Greek pop music
93.1 FM Heart FM Foreign soft rock/pop
93.4 FM Μύθος στα FM
93.7 FM Radio Gnomi Greek music and talk
93.9 FM ERA Sport Rebroadcast of fourth program of Greek state radio, from Athens
94.2 FM Lidia I Filippisia Religious
94.5 FM Radio Thessaloniki Popular station with news and talk programs and some Greek music
94.8 FM Eroticos FM Greek soft pop/rock
95.1 FM Cosmoradio Greek pop music
95.5 FM Athlitiko Metropolis Sports talk, Greek "laika" music
95.8 FM ERT 3 95.8 FM Second program of ERT3 - Northern Greece's state-run radio and TV network
96.1 FM 96.1 S'Agapo Mix of Greek and foreign music
96.5 FM Palmos 96.5 FM Eclectic Greek music
96.8 FM Radio Melodikos Softer Greek music
97.1 FM Star FM 97.1 Foreign pop
97.5 FM Antenna FM Greek hit music
98.0 FM John Greek Greek hit music
98.4 FM Panorama 98.4 Greek pop music
98.7 FM Radio Sport 98.7 Sports talk
99.0 FM Radio 1 FM Greek hit music
99.4 FM Flash 99,4 News/talk (Rebroadcasts much of the programming of Flash 96 in Athens)
99.7 FM Radio Ekriksi Greek music
100.0 FM FM 100 First program of Municipal Radio network - Greek music
100.3 FM Republic 100.3 Foreign modern rock/new wave
100.6 FM FM 100.6 Second program of Municipal Radio network - Cultural programmimg
101.0 FM FM 101 Third program of Municipal Radio network - Foreign music
101.3 FM Stathmos 101.3 Greek "laika" music
101.7 FM Radio Sindos Greek "laika" music
102.0 FM ERT 3 102 FM Greek music, news, talk programs (First program of ERT3 - Northern Greece's state-run radio and TV network)
102.3 FM Radio Akrites Traditional music from Pontus
102.6 FM Plus Radio Foreign pop music
103.0 FM Extra Sport Sports talk
103.5 FM Studio 3 FM Traditional music
104.0 FM Rythmos FM Greek pop music
104.4 FM Radiokymata Greek music
104.7 FM Rock Radio 104.7 Foreign rock
104.9 FM Radio HELEXPO Official radio station of the HELEXPO national fair in Thessaloniki
105.2 FM Radio Apopsi Evangelical radio station
105.5 FM 1055 Rock Foreign rock
105.8 FM Mousikos Galaxias FM Greek "laika" music
106.1 FM City International Foreign music, relays of the Voice of America
106.5 FM Cool FM 2008 Foreign classic hits
106.8 FM Iera Mitropoli Langada Religious music/sermons
107.1 FM Real FM Thessaloniki 2007 News, talk and sports
107.4 FM Libero FM Sports
107.7 FM Peiratikos FM Greek music
108.0 FM Jeronimo Groovy FM 1994 Dance music from the 90s and today
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Rest of the country

The rest of Greece has close to 1,000 stations operating, most (but not all) of them unlicensed but with a temporary broadcast permit issued by the Radio-Television Committee. The list is a work in progress. Christianity
Knossos Fm 100,6 [Iraklion Crete] 100,6 FM-
Metropolis Fm 96.4 [Iraklion Crete] 96.4 FM-
Rock Channel 94.4 [Iraklion Crete] 94,4 FM-
Rodon 95 FM - Serres - 95 FM -
Agrinio 93.7 FM - Agrinio - 93.7 FM -
Argaiki Radiofonia - Argos
Argos Radio Deejay - Argos - 96.2 FM
Cool FM - Argos, Kefalari - 90.7 FM -
Derveni FM - Derveni
Derveni 105 - Derveni - 104.7 FM
Dimotiki Radiofonia Larissas (Larissa Municipal Radio) - Larissa - 93.6 FM
Dimotiki Radiofonia Volou (Volos Municipal Radio) - Volos - 104.6 FM -
Dimotiko Radiofono Nafpliou (Nafplio Public Radio) - Nafplio - 89.1 FM
Electra FM - Korinthos - 98.5 FM
Eleftheri Radiofonas Krestenas - Krestena - 101.6 FM
Ennalax FM
ERA Florina - Florina, an ERA affiliate
ERA Kozani - Kozani, an ERA affiliate
ERA Patras - Patras, an ERA affiliate
Ionion FM - Pyrgos - 95.5/95.8/96.1 FM -
Loutraki Star - Loutraki - 88.0 FM
Mini FM - Amaliada - 107.2/91.3 FM
Mojo FM, replaced Klik FM (Click FM) - Patras - 107.7 FM -
ORT - Pyrgos - 101.3 FM
Patras Radio Deejay - Patras - 100.1 FM -
Pirate FM - Chios - 91 FM -
Proto Kanali - Ioannina -
Radio Argolida - Nafplio - 90.2 FM
Radio Ermionida - Ermioni - 104.6 FM
Radio Faros - Metsovo - 92.7 FM
Radio Fokida - Itea
Radio Greece - Athens - via satellite -
Radio Kardama - Kardamas - 102 FM -
Radio Kranidi - Kranidi - 107.1 FM
Radio Kriti - Heraklio - 101.5 FM -
Radio Loutraki - Loutraki - 96.9 FM
Radio ONE - Amaliada - 107.5 FM
Radio Xylokastro - Xylokastro - 103.3 FM
Relax FM - Patras - 88.0 FM -
RSA- Radio Station of Amalias - Amalias - 90.8 FM
Skyline FM - Korinthos - 87.5 FM
Sky Radio 99.2 - Ioannina - 99.2 FM -
Style 89.6 - Argos - 89.6/94.9 FM -
Super B - Patras
Super FM - Ioannina -
Top FM - Patras - 93.0 FM -
Vima FM - Ioannina -
Zenith FM - Kiato - 102.4 FM
Island FM - Zakynthos - 88.6 FM -
Paradise Radio Xanthi - 90.3 FM -
Xanthi Radio Deejay Xanthi - 90.6 FM -
Underground Radio Xanthi - 100.3 FM -
Radio Melody 88 Sitia Crete - 88.0 FM -
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