Dr. Debra Davenport

Debra Brittain Davenport, PhD is the creator of the Certified Professional Mentor(R) designation and certification program.1 She is a noted, published adviser to the entrepreneurial community, and a career and workplace authority. She is the national workplace spokesperson for [Panasonic Digital Document Company].2

As creator of the Certified Professional Mentor(R) designation and certification program, Dr. Davenport devised a proprietary new paradigm for achieving professional and entrepreneurial success, as defined by the individual. While frequently compared to executive or life [coaching], the Certified Professional Mentor(R) methodology utilizes a uniquely different process to move individuals and organizations from the status quo to the desired level of achievement. While coaching has historically adopted a [Socratic] approach, i.e. assuming the answers lie within the client, Certified Professional Mentor(R) designees take a highly fast-paced and directive approach with their clients or proteges. Certified Professional Mentor(R) designees provide specific direction, strategies, and action plans and additionally work behind the scenes, facilitating career and business-building opportunities for their clients. Certified Professional Mentor(R) designees are typically well-connected individuals who provide access to their sphere of influence, making personal introductions and coordinating events designed to showcase clients in front of carefully selected audiences.

The Certified Professional Mentor(R) designation is awarded by the Society of Professional Mentors following completion of a rigorous 12-month training program and practicum. Certified Professional Mentors must adhere to a strict code of ethics and must obtain a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education per year in order to maintain certification.

Dr. Davenport is the creator/author of the Career Shuffle(TM) career assessment instrument which assists individuals in identifying their right livelihood.

Dr. Debra Davenport is a faculty member at [West Virgina University], [Grand Canyon University] (Phoenix, AZ), and [National University] (Los Angeles, CA). She is the CEO of The Davenport Companies, Inc. and Debra Davenport, LLC.

Dr. Davenport has been listed as a professional resource in the best-selling book, What Color Is Your Parachute? by Richard Bolles since 1992.3 She is the creator of the "Career Shuffle™" career instrument game.4 and she is a career contributor to [Yahoo! Hot Jobs]5. Dr. Davenport is an online career expert at [Video]6, a columnist for the [Phoenix Business Journal]7, and a contributing career editor for U Magazine in Jordan. Dr. Davenport was named one of Phoenix’ Most Influential Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs by the [Phoenix Business Journal]from 2001-2004. Her articles appear frequently in publications and on the Internet.8

Dr. Davenport holds BA and MA degrees in communication arts from [Loyola Marymount University] in Los Angeles and a doctorate in education with a specialization in communication and higher education. She is a licensed career counselor and employment agent, and a Diplomate of the [American College of Wellness]. She is a member of the academic peer group of the [Academy of Television Arts and Sciences], the [Entertainment Publicists Professional Society], and she is the founder of the Society of Professional Mentors.


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