quo animo?


A Taelon appearing in season one and the first episode of season two of the science fiction series Earth: Final Conflict, Quo'on was the head of the Synod and the leader of the Taelons.

As Synod Leader

Quo'on led the Synod for some time before the first season, most likely since well before the arrival on Earth. Under his rule, the Synod played a much greater role in decision-making than it did under his successor, Zo'or. The Synod would debate a subject until a broad consensus was reached, with Quo'on acting as chair and arbiter. Quo'on was highly respected and his decisions were taken as final.

Quo'on was generally cautious and conservative, favouring slow and subtle plans to reach the Taelons' goals, usually arguing against any actions that would negatively impact upon the long-term goals of the Taelons, even when it threatened their short-term interests. He was always extremely cautious about imparting knowledge to humanity regarding the Taelons.

Quo'on was much less adept at dealing with humans face-to-face than most of his brethren that were assigned as companions, and was not attached to any of those posts. In his dealings with Joshua Doors, a skeptical human assigned for interspecies relations purposes, Quo'on appeared slightly disoriented and fearful.

Quo'on's death

Quo'on was assassinated by the Jaridians (through the means of a probe's energy weapon) at the funeral of Companion Protector William Boone. The same attack nearly killed Da'an and Zo'or. His death left a power vacuum, with several of the other synod members eligible to stand to replace him. Given the nature of Taelon death, it is likely that part of his spirit remained with the commonality (the virtual plane on which Taelons commune) after his physical form had dissipated.

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