Quilmes, city (1991 pop. 509,445), Buenos Aires prov., E Argentina, on the Río de la Plata estuary. It is a district administrative center and a major industrial city, with one of the world's largest breweries as well as numerous distilleries. Other important products include textiles and glass. The city's name derives from the Kilmes, a Native American people who settled on the site in 1666 under the direction of the governor of Río de la Plata prov.

Quilmes is a city in the , with a population over 500,000. It's the capital of Quilmes Partido (Partido de Quilmes), and it's located 17 kilometers away from the capital of Argentina, the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

The Quilmes were a native tribe who lived in the surroundings of Tucumán. In the 17th century, after repeated attempts by the invading Spaniards to control their lands, the Quilmes were defeated and were forced to settle in a restricted colony (reducción) near Buenos Aires, where the authorities could control them. The 1,000 km journey from Tucumán was made on foot, causing hundreds of Quilmes to die in the process. By 1810 the colony had been abandoned and become a ghost town. The land was divided in parcels and the town of Quilmes was laid down.

During the first British invasion, the British arrived from Montevideo through Quilmes and went to Buenos Aires from there.

Quilmes is the home of two football teams: Quilmes Atlético Club and Club Atlético Argentino de Quilmes The first was founded in the 19th century by the Scots, and the second one was founded later, by Argentines who were not allowed to play for the QAC. They are two of the oldest Argentine football teams.

Quilmes proper consists of two main parts, east and west, which are divided by the tracks of the Metropolitano passenger train line. East Quilmes has several relatively wealthy areas and a large shopping district. As one travels east toward the Río de la Plata, neighborhoods become increasingly poor, and two large villas miseria (slums) are found close to the river. These areas often experience severe flooding.

The city also gives its name to the famous beer Cerveza Quilmes, as this is where it was first brewed.

Iglesia Ríos de Vida (Rivers of Life)

The first Rivers of Life (Ríos de Vida in Spanish) church was established in Quilmes in 1967. There are now over 80 Rivers of Life Churches around the world. It was established as "Primera Iglesia Evangélica de Quilmes" but later changed its name to "Ríos de Vida"

The church also has a school (Instituto Ríos de Vida), an FM radio (FM Victoria) and a bible college (Casa Bíblica).

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