quick's method

Quick's Hole

Quick's Hole is the strait in Masachusetts' Elizabeth Islands separating Nashawena Island from Pasque Island. It is one of four straits allowing maritime passage between Buzzards Bay and the Vineyard Sound. The others are Canapitsit Channel, Robinson's Hole and Woods Hole. Quick's Hole, according to a locally known verse, is said to be sandy.

A narrow passage, Quick's Hole is heavily trafficked as the only passage between Vineyard Sound and Buzzards Bay suitable for vessels with drafts greater than 10 feet. Analysis of the data revealed giant sand waves, huge glacial erratic boulders and several uncharted wrecks. Quick's Hole is due north from Menemsha and due south from New Bedford, extends about one and a half miles north and south, and is three-quarters of a mile across at its widest point.


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