Queasy Rider (King of the Hill)

Queasy Rider is the 138th episode in the Fox animated television series King of the Hill. The episode's title is a spoof of the motorcycle film Easy Rider.


Boomhauer lets it slip that he went to the Houston Texans training camp. Hank initially lambastes him for betraying the Dallas Cowboys, but the gang eventually decides to support both teams since they're in different conferences and would only play each other in a dream all-Texas Super Bowl. Hank decides to go to the Texans game on Saturday with his friends, however, Peggy has already made plans to eat in the kitchen at a romantic restaurant with Hank the same day as the game. This leads to some conflict between them.

Hank agrees to go to a marriage counselor named Dr. Tim Rast (Jamie Kennedy), because Dale tells him that the doctor will tell Hank he is always right. However, Tim doesn't agree with Hank and after a long argument, they tell Rast about their plan to buy his and hers motorcycles after their retirements and go off to see America (excluding California). Dr. Rast tells them to buy the one motorcycle they have the money for, to teach them how to work together.

At first, the trip is going well. They meet a middle-aged motorcycle couple who are in the middle of a reconciliation, named Lumpy (David Herman) and Pepperoni Sue (Jennifer Aniston), who encourage them to go to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. On the trip there, Hank continues to make excuses to not let Peggy drive, because he has heard that the back seat is called the "bitch seat". When they finally make it, an angry Peggy plans to take a bus back home. Hank is left to wander around on his own, and he gets his glasses broken by a stool during the stool races. Eventually he reunites with Peggy, and on the way back Hank has to ride in the back seat. They have a wonderful time once Hank learns to relinquish control to Peggy. In the end, Hank gets some new glasses, they collect some spoons, and take some pictures of the trip home.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rast draws up a "treasure map" for the Gribbles that was meant to bring them closer together, but Dale takes it as a real map and enlists Bill to help him dig for it. He then finds his dead cat while digging, and cries and gives up on the treasure hunt.

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