Friction Quasi-Quarterly

Friction Quasi-Quarterly is a literary magazine founded by Mark Doyon in 1989. Wampus Multimedia published 18 issues from 1989 to 1994. Authors, illustrators, and other contributors included Paul Bloch, J.M. Cummings, Keith Donohue, Mark Doyon, Stephen Gerard, Paul Golder, Scott Goodrick, Victor Herman, Philip Hughes, Neil Kelly, Kevin Kerr, Laura Jensen, Valerie Larson, K.G. Lewi, G.D. Malbraith, Alisa Mullins, Gregory Nyman, Kathleen F. O'Sullivan, Robyn Parnell, George K. Rosenstock, John Shaw, Matthew Shields, Monique Thomas, C.R. Torrey, and Bartrand Williams.

Recurring features included the post-apocalyptic comic Glo-Boy by G.D. Malbraith and Scott Goodrick.

Mark Doyon's collection of short fiction, Bonneville Stories, was published by Pocol Press in 2001. Keith Donohue's debut novel, The Stolen Child, was published by Nan A. Talese in 2006.

Friction Quasi-Quarterly counted the novelist Kurt Vonnegut among its regular subscribers.

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