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North Pocono High School

North Pocono High School is located on Church Street in the borough of Moscow, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Scranton, Pennsylvania. The school was built in 1963, had a major addition completed in 1978 and underwent major renovations in 1991. These renovations added a new wing with state-of-the-art science labs, new guidance offices, and a small instructional theater. The school educates students in grades 9-12 and caters to students with special needs as well. It is the only high school in the North Pocono School District, which is known for covering a vast amount of territory in northeastern Pennsylvania. Because the district covers so much territory, the high school serves a student population of over 1000 students, which ranks it amongst the largest high schools in the region.

On average, there are over 70 faculty members, which yields a teacher-student ratio of 1:15. Each grade consists of approximately 220-280 students. A new high school to accommodate a growing population, an increasing number of programs and services, and greater demand for resources from students, faculty, administration, parents, and the community alike is currently under construction in nearby Covington Township. After construction of this new high school is finished, plans call for the current North Pocono High School to become the new North Pocono Middle School.


North Pocono High School is accredited by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.


Kurt Eisele, Ph.D. Superintendent

Mr. Jeffery Hatala High School Principal

Mr. Lawrence Napolitano Asst. Principal

Mrs. Barbara Lipo Guidance Counselor

Mr. Norman Carter Guidance Counselor

Mr. Nicholas Donato Guidance Counselor

Mr. Elise Hanna Guidance Counselor


North Pocono High School offers six programs of study.

Academic - The academic program of study provides students with a well-rounded education. This course of study will prepare students for college or continuing their education.

Accelerated - The accelerated program of study will provide students with the most challenging courses offered at North Pocono High School. The sequence of courses is designed puts students in classes a year in advance of the academic students in science and math. This will give students the opportunity to take Advanced Placement courses.

Basic/General - The basic and general programs of study offer students a well-rounded education each with their own specialized math and science sequence.

Business - The business program of study combines the general or academic program of study with business electives.

Vocational - The vocational program of study offers students an opportunity to combine their basic, general or academic program of study at North Pocono High School with programs offered through the Career Technology Center of Lackawanna County.

  • Grades in all tracks are weighted differently when calculating Quality Point Average.

The school is organized into the following departments:



Computer Science


Foreign Language

Health and Physical Education




Social Studies

Students must meet the following requirement to graduate:

In grades 9 through 12 every student shall obtain at least 21 credits. These 21 credits must include the following:

    Credits /Unit                                     Course Title
    4                                       English
    4                                       Social Studies
    3                                       Mathematics
    3                                       Science
    2.2                                     Physical Education/Health/Driver Ed
     .2                                     Family & Consumer Science
     .2                                     Career Awareness
    4                                       Electives (which must include 1    credit of Arts or humanities)

For promotion credits must meet the following criteria:

End of 9th grade           –          4 credits
End of 10th grade          –          9 credits
End of 11th grade          –          15 credits
End of 12th grade          –          21 credits

Graduation Requirements

A student must acquire a minimum of twenty-one credits in grades 9 through 12. These twenty-one credits must include: 4 units of English 4 units of History and Social Studies 3 units of Science 3 units of Mathematics 1 unit of Health and Physical Education 1 unit of Arts or Humanities 1 unit of Family and Consumer Science 4 units of electives required by the program selected by students

  • Students must also complete a graduation project to be considered for graduation.


A+ 100

A 95 to 100

A- 92 to 95

B+ 88 to 92

B 84 to 88

B- 81 to 84

C+ 78 to 81

C 74 to 78

C- 70 to 74

D 65 to 70

F 0 to 65

Weighted Class Values: to reward and encourage students to take enriched classes, all individual class grades will be calculated using the following multipliers:

AP Courses x 1.10 = 110 total points possible Accelerated Courses x 1.08 = 108 total points possible Academic Courses x 1.02 = 102 total points possible General Courses x 1.00 = 100 total points possible

  • Please note that the multipliers will only be used in the calculation of the student's class rank but will not appear on quarterly report cards or in the calculation of his GPA and QPA.


North Pocono High School Offers the following sports:

Boy's Baseball

Boy’s Basketball

Girl's Basketball

Coed Cheerleading (Fall and Winter)

Coed Cross Country

Boy's Football


Coed Golf

Boy’s Soccer

Girl’s Soccer


Girl's Softball

Girl’s Tennis

Boy’s Tennis

Girl's Volleyball

Boy's Volleyball

Coed Track and Field

Coed Rifle

Official Website

North Pocono High School Home Page

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