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List of Haunted Mansion characters

The Haunted Mansion attraction at the Disney theme parks is said to be home to 999 happy haunts, with room for 1000. This is a listing of ghosts and a few humans that have appeared in the Haunted Mansion attraction, film, video game and comic book anthology.

The Bride

Known by some as the Bleeding Bride, this lonely jilted bride is one of the ride's most well known characters. Seen always in the attic with a loud beating heart, the bride is considered one of the spookiest characters in the ride's history. The bride has been altered several times throughout the ride's history, now at Disneyland and Walt Disney World appearing as a digital projection effect. An interesting urban legend is that the bride's "ring" is embedded in the ground outside the Magic Kingdom version of the ride down the exit pathway. In reality, this is from a crowd-control stanchion that was cut down.

Emily the Bleeding Bride (1969-2006)

Her first form had a shadowed face with only a pair of glowing eyes visible commonly called Priscilla, but she became a blue-skinned woman with white hair and yellow eyes named Emily. The common story was that the bride was Gracey's wife, but was killed by Madame Leota on their wedding. Another common story is that Master Gracey finds his wife in the attic with another man, who he believes she is having an affair with, so he strikes him down and then pushes his bride out of the attic window. However, the man was in fact a wedding planner.

Constance Hatchaway, the "Black Widow Bride" (2006-)

Unveiled during the 2006 upgrades, the bride character changed from a forlorn figure into a greedy, murdering backstabber named Constance. This new bride has married - and beheaded - five men, grabbing all of their riches for herself. She utters ghostly wedding vows as a gleaming hatchet materializes in her hands. She is voiced by Kat Cressida and played physically by Julia Lee of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Elizabeth Henshaw (Movie)

In the film, the bride is named Elizabeth Henshaw and is murdered by the butler Ramsley using poison. Master Gracey hanged himself in despair and during the afterlife he waited for her to return. Thanks to the Evers family, she could be and was reunited with her lover.

Melanie Ravenswood (1992-)

Melanie Ravenswood is the main character of Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris. Melanie was a young bride who was to marry an engineer and planned to leave town with him after the wedding, but her father, Henry, disliked the idea and vowed to stop the wedding at all costs. However, he and his wife died in 1860 thanks to an earthquake. On Melanie's wedding day, her groom was hanged by the Phantom so he didn't show up and she spent her life and the afterlife waiting for him, the spectre of the evil Phantom shadowing her presence.

The Ghost Host

The Ghost Host is the first character guests to the rides meet, so to speak. The Ghost Host has no physical form and only his deep creepy voice is heard throughout the rides. It is implied he took his own life by hanging in the rafters of the mansion's attic, as seen in the Stretching Gallery scenes. The Ghost Host is voiced by Paul Frees, and in the film, Corey Burton mimics his notable line of "Welcome, foolish mortals..." It is often believed the Ghost Host may be the same character as Master Gracey. During Haunted Mansion Holiday, the Ghost Host recites The Nightmare Before Christmas. Corey Burton also does the voice of the villain in the Haunted Mansion video game, Atticus Thorn.

Master Gracey

Owner of the Haunted Mansion. Master Gracey's unofficial backstory involves him being an collector of supernatural items, with the help of Madame Leota. Gracey has two wives, both who die in horrible ways thanks to Madame Leota. Gracey then hung himself and became the Ghost Host. In the comics, William Gracey was a sea captain who killed the former leader of a vessel (Captain Randall Pace) and took over. In the film, Edward Gracey is played by Nathaniel Parker, as a heartbroken man who hung himself after his lover Elizabeth apparently killed herself. He was named after Yale Gracey, an Imagineer who helped build the original ride.

Madame Leota

Madame Leota is one of the iconic characters of the rides. She is a gypsy woman, fortune teller or psychic whose head is trapped inside a crystal ball from which she speaks enchantments and summons spirits to join the Haunted Mansion. Madame Leota's room is a seancé chamber, where floating objects including musical instruments and Leota's table. Madame Leota has a daughter, Little Leota, who can be seen at the end of the rides. Leota's unofficial backstory involves her being a lover of Master Gracey, killing both of his wives secretly. As Gracey discovered this truth, he fled as Leota tried to kill him, only to end up trapped in her crystal ball using magic. In the film, Madame Leota is portrayed by Jennifer Tilly. Leota's chamber is like a gypsy tent and all the objects in the room are enchanted including the table which spins around in midair, sending Jim Evers (Eddie Murphy) on a wild ride. Leota helps the Evers family break the mansion's curse, and apparently joins the Evers family, as she is seen in the backseat of their car with them at the end of the movie.

Floating Candelabras

Floating candelabras are seen wandering the halls of the Haunted Mansion rides. It is believed an invisible ghost is holding them and exploring the halls. Cast Members and fans alike believe that a maid named Prudence holds the candelabras aloft. Prudence was a nervous and easily frightened woman who died from sheer fright when Little Leota slammed a door in the dead of night. The most notable floating candelabra is in the endless hallways scene. In the comics, the floating candelabras are held by one of the builders of the mansion.

The Corpse

In the conservatory scene of the rides is a large coffin which has a Corpse trying to break free, despite the fact that the lid is partially nailed down. The Corpse calls for help and tries to push the coffin lid open, but no one comes to assist him. The Corpse is believed to be a lover of Little Leota, who believed he was a vampire and locked himself in the coffin, which Little Leota nailed shut. He suffocated inside as a result. In the comics, the Corpse is one of the builders of the mansion.

The Raven

The raven character is another iconic character in the ride and seems to be one of the few living creatures inside the mansion. It is first seen by the conservatory, squawking viciously at guests. It reappears in Madame Leota's chamber, on the balcony in the ballroom, and then on a tree branch in the graveyard, before finally appearing above the Hitchiking Ghosts' crypt. The raven is a symbol of death, appropriately placed in the Haunted Mansion's dark setting. In the film, the raven appears in several cameos, nicknamed Fonzie by the filmmakers. It is revealed in film commentary that the raven used in the film is actually a bird originating from Africa. In the original plans for the Haunted Mansion, the raven was to be the host. Later in the planning stage, he was replaced by the Ghost Host.

The Organist

The gloomy-looking organist appears in the infamous ballroom scene. He is seen at the far end of the room constantly playing a large pipe organ while ghostly wraiths spill out of the pipes. The organist's backstory is varied. The castmembers' story has him being from Ireland, and his fingers are crushed by part of the organ, preventing him from playing his organ. As a result, he committed suicide. The organ he plays is actually a prop used in the Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea film adaption production by the Walt Disney Company. In the Haunted Mansion video game, his death certificate says that he put his music before his life, and this apparently lead to his death. He is portrayed in the game as being very short-tempered and rude, and refers to Zeke as a "beggar".

The Hitchhiking Ghosts

The Hitchhiking Ghosts called Ezra, Phineas, and Gus are the most popular characters in the Haunted Mansion. They alone have the most merchandise including: Pins, Stuffed Animals, and Figures. The backstory for them as that Ezra was a voyeur--his lean frame was ideal for climbing trellises and trees. He developed a fascination with obese women and sought out the most rotund young ladies to spy upon. Ezra was finally caught skulking in the boudoir of the mayor’s ample daughter. When this corpulent miss took the stand, the chair groaned under her weight, the court did not hesitate to accept Ezra’s insanity plea and commit him to the Salem Asylum. Phineas was a discredited chemist who made his living as a snake-oil peddler. He traveled the countryside, carpetbag at his side, seeking the most ignorant rubes to buy his worthless potions. His diabolical sense of humor led Phineas to spike his wares with ingredients he knew would cause unwanted side effects, i.e. his "hair tonic" was actually a depilatory. Phineas made his final mistake when he sold "Queeg’s Youth Elixir" to the chief of police, causing the man’s voice to raise an octave. Criminal charges were promptly filed. A parade of hapless witnesses, combined with Phineas’s snickering in court, led him to the Salem Asylum.

Gus was born into the Ohio branch of the family. George Gracey, Sr.’s second cousin, Gus was a genetic dwarf and a deviant. His childhood had been plagued by incidents caused by his violence. He had killed several family pets and attempted to murder his siblings several times. His parents finally had him institutionalized, but after several years of confinement he escaped. Although his parents moved in an attempt to lose him, Gus managed to find them and follow them wherever they moved. In his wanderings he maimed or killed many people and animals. It was a delight for him to laugh hysterically while beating people or animals with his ball and chain. He would knock people down by wrapping the chain around their legs, then he would exclaim, "Now you’re down to Gus size!" As far as he was concerned his attacks were always justified, but the wrongs against him were usually imagined.

The three cellmates spent their time planning their escape. Ezra fasted until he could squeeze through the bars to reach the keys and unlock the cell door. Once the three were free of their cell, Gus toppled the guards with his ball and chain, while Phineas set off a smoke bomb to prevent their pursuers from chasing them.

The Three friends hitchhiked down the road. They would hop aboard the moving vehicle regardless of whether the coach or carriage stopped for them or not. Passengers were startled when the three friendly little fellows plopped down beside them or on their laps. Ezra always aimed for the plumpest female; Phineas picked out the stupidest looking; and Gus just wanted to play with the children.

Ezra Dobbins and Phineas Queeg met their ends at a carnival. Phineas sampled a quack remedy at the medicine show. Ironically, he died not from the quack remedy, but rather he cut his lip on the bottle cap and died from lead poisoning. Likewise, Ezra’s fetish ultimately caused his demise. He snuck into the sideshow fat lady’s tent and was killed when she inadvertently sat on him after he had crept up behind her.

Years later Madame Leota cast a spell confining Gus to the Mansion for as long as he lived and eternity after that, but she took pity on the lonely dwarf and summoned the spirits of his two departed friends to keep him company. They decided to stay and there they’ll remain until they spot someone they’d rather follow home.

The three Hitchiking Ghosts appear in a cameo tribute appearance in the film, hitching a ride in a hearse where Jim Evers (Eddie Murphy) and his children are. Gus and Jim argue over if Jim can see the ghosts, until Gus accuses Jim of being a liar and a psychic, causing the Evers to leave the hearse. Originally, they were to be main characters in the film but were cut.

Real Ghosts

Rumors have surrounded the Haunted Mansion, claiming it actually contains real ghosts.

Crying Boy

This ghost is seen sitting next to the exit of the ride, weeping into his hands. The story is that the deceased child's mother asked Disney World employees if she could spread the child's ashes in the mansion, but they refused. Undeterred, she snuck into the ride at night, and spread the child's ashes.

Unfound music

In the Seance Circle portion of the ride, the music is said to persist when the ride's off. The story goes that two teenagers were riding the Haunted Mansion. When the Doom Buggy reached the Seance Circle, one of the teenagers got out to go onto the catwalk leading to the circle. However, he didn't know that there was a gap between the Doom Buggy and the catwalk, and he fell fifteen feet to his death.

Man With A Cane

This ghost is seen in the mansion at night. Supposedly in the 1940s, a man who was piloting a small plane crashed into a lake near where the Haunted Mansion was built. Supposedly his soul has settled into the mansion. He is known as "The Man With A Cane".
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