Professional class of reciters of the Qurhamzahān. Muhammad's early disciples often memorized his divine revelations, and even after the Qurhamzahān was assembled in written form, it was common for pious Muslims to memorize it in its entirety. Such reciters were often called on by scholars to elucidate points of pronunciation and meaning, and by the 9th century they formed an established class. Religious men employed in mosques still memorize the Qurhamzahān to aid them in interpreting its revelations to the faithful. In some Arab countries the professional duties of reciting the Qurhamzahān are usually reserved for blind men.

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Qari' (قَارٍئplural qurra'), literally meaning "reader", is a person who recites the Qur'an with the proper rules of recitation (tajweed).

It is important that to become a qari you have to memorize the entire quran. A person who has memorized the Qur'an is a hafiz.

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