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Putting the Days to Bed

Putting the Days to Bed is the third full-length album by indie rock band the Long Winters. It was released in the US by Barsuk Records and distributed in Europe by Munich Records in 2006. The album title is a lyric from the album track "Hindsight".

Track listing (Barsuk)

  1. "Pushover"
  2. "Fire Island, AK"
  3. "Teaspoon"
  4. "Hindsight"
  5. "Sky Is Open"
  6. "Honest"
  7. "Clouds"
  8. "Rich Wife"
  9. "Ultimatum"
  10. "(It's A) Departure"
  11. "Seven"

Track listing (Munich)

  1. "Rich Wife"
  2. "Pushover"
  3. "Fire Island, AK"
  4. "Teaspoon"
  5. "Ultimatum"
  6. "Sky Is Open"
  7. "Clouds"
  8. "Honest"
  9. "Hindsight"
  10. "(It's A) Departure"
  11. "Seven"

Bonus tracks:

  1. "The Commander Thinks Aloud"
  2. "Ultimatum (acoustic)"
  3. "Everything Is Talking"
  4. "Delicate Hands"

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