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You Can Do It

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"You Can Do It" is a single from War & Peace Vol. 2 (The Peace Disc) as well as the soundtracks for the 2000 motion picture Next Friday, and the 2001 motion picture Save the Last Dance.

It was re-released in the UK in December 2004 reaching #2 in the UK making it Ice Cube's highest entry just nearly getting him his first number one single. Had the single been released on a non-Christmas week, it is likely to have sold sufficient copies to reach number one.

The music video features footage from Next Friday. As well as Cube performing at a concert promoting the film with guest stars Ms. Toi and Mack 10 who had earned this by assisting Cube in his feud with Latin rap group Cypress Hill. A huge statue of Ice Cube is seen in the video.

The song is featured in two versions the uncensored version features the chorus "You can do it/put your ass in to it" where as the radio version features a whip cracking when the word "ass" is mentioned. Before the chorus, where Ice Cube raps "I'm gon' do it, gon' do it, gon' do it, do it, do it" came from the 1997 remake of Rappers Delight by Erick Sermon, Keith Murray and Redman.

The re-released single was done in different mixes for the UK's version. A popular favorite which was requested on the Radio 1 station throughout 2005.

"You Can Do It" was later released on Ice Cube's Greatest Hits and In the Movies compilations.

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