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Somebody Put Something in My Drink

"Somebody Put Something in My Drink" is a song by the Ramones from their 1986 album Animal Boy. The song was written by Ramones drummer Richie Ramone, who joined the band in 1983, and was supposedly based on an incident in which he was given a drink spiked with LSD.

The All Music Guide to Rock claims that Joey Ramone's "aggressive vocal performance" on the track is wasted by a "shamelessly polished synthesizer backing track". This song has been covered by Children of Bodom, The Meteors, Plan 4, Nosferatu, Mortifer, Farben Lehre, Psychopunch and Acid Drinkers.

A music video for this song was filmed, but for financial reasons, was never completed and released. However, a rough cut of the track can be found on the Ramones: It's Alive! 1974-1996 DVD. This version was performed without Richie Ramone.

The song was featured in the 1987 movie Like Father, Like Son with Dudley Moore, Kirk Cameron, and Sean Astin.


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