''This article is about a British recording act. For the Warner Bros. cartoon character see Marc Antony and Pussyfoot. Pussyfoot is also the name of a non-alcoholic cocktail.
Pussyfoot was the name of a British recording act of the late 1970s.

The act consisted of former The Mixtures member, songwriter, producer and musician Mick Flinn, and vocalist Donna Jones. Flinn remained behind the scenes, and Jones was marketed as a solo artist. In 1975 they recorded a disco song "The Way That You Do It", and first attracted public attention when the song's suggestive lyrics caused it to be banned by the BBC. In Australia, the television show Countdown began playing the video clip, and exploited the British ban on playing the song. Over several months, Jones became a sensation and a sex symbol. The song was released as a single by EMI Records and spent eight weeks at number one on the singles chart from December 1976. A second disco single "Ooh Ja Ja" reached the Australian top 20, but the success of the act was shortlived. Jones and Flinn continued to record together for the remainder of the decade, but were never able to duplicate their success, nor break through in any of the world's major record markets, although one song "Dancer Dance" reached number three on the British club charts.

Donna Jones joined The New Seekers in 1979. In 1980 she fronted a mainly female band (with Mick Flinn on bass) that adopted her previous stage name Pussyfoot, and the group entered the A Song for Europe contest, a preamble to the Eurovision Song Contest. Pussyfoot came fourth in the contest, with media commentators speculating after the event that Jones was, once again, too raunchy for British tastes. She returned to The New Seekers in late 1980.


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