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List of Prison Break episodes

The following is a complete episode list for the drama/thriller television series Prison Break. The show premiered in the United States on Fox on August 29, 2005. After the broadcast of the thirteenth episode, the show was put off air for four months before resuming on March 20, 2006. The first season finale was aired on May 15, 2006. A similar schedule applied for the second season, which premiered in the United States on August 21, 2006. The season was again split in two blocks but with a shorter break. After an eight-week hiatus, the season resumed on January 22, 2007 before ending on April 2, 2007. The third season began on September 17, 2007, with an eight episode run. A hiatus over the 2007 Christmas period occurred before the third season resumed on January 14, 2008 with the airing of the last five episodes. A fourth season has been confirmed in September 2008 consisting of 22 episodes.

The series revolves around two brothers; one who, as of the pilot, has been sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit, and the other, a genius, who devises an elaborate plan to help him escape prison. The term "Featured character(s)" in this episode list indicates the character or characters that are featured in the secondary storyline of each episode in the series. "Series #" refers to the episode's number in the overall series, whereas "Season #" refers to the episode's number in each particular season.

As of , , a total of 64 episodes of Prison Break have been aired in addition to three special making-of episodes.

List of seasons

Season Episodes Specials Originally aired DVD release date
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
Season 1 22 1 20052006 US/CAN: August 8, 2006 UK: September 18, 2006 AUS: September 13, 2006
Season 2 22 1 20062007 US/CAN: September 4, 2007 UK: August 20, 2007 AUS: September 19, 2007
Season 3 13 1 20072008 US/CAN: August 12, 2008 UK: May 19, 2008 AUS: December 3, 2008
Season 4 7 (so far) 1 20082009

Season 1

The first season contains a total of 22 episodes which were originally broadcast in the United States from August 29, 2005 to May 15, 2006. The plot revolves around the plan of Michael Scofield to break his brother, Lincoln Burrows, out of prison. It covers approximately six weeks of the characters' lives (from April 11 to May 27, 2005) - the entire length of Michael's stay at Fox River State Penitentiary.
# Title Writer Director Original airdate # in total
1 "Pilot" Paul Scheuring Brett Ratner August 29, 2005 1
Michael Scofield is imprisoned in Fox River State Penitentiary as part of an elaborate plan to break out his brother, Lincoln Burrows, who is facing execution for a crime he didn’t commit.
2 "Allen" Paul Scheuring Michael Watkins August 29, 2005 2
A race riot is brewing amongst the prisoners of Fox River, and Michael finds that he needs something from both sides. Veronica sees the evidence that seems to prove that Lincoln did murder Terrence Steadman.
3 "Cell Test" Michael Pavone Brad Turner September 5, 2005 3
Michael plans to test whether Sucre, his cellmate, can keep a secret, but it backfires when Sucre wants nothing to do with the escape plan. T-Bag wants revenge on Michael and Abruzzi tries to get Fibonacci's location a different way.
4 "Cute Poison" Matt Olmstead Matt Earl Beesley September 12, 2005 4
Michael continues working on the escape plan while working around his new cellmate, Haywire. When Sucre discovers that his cousin Hector is making a move on his fiancee he decides he wants in on the escape.
5 "English, Fitz or Percy" Zack Estrin Randall Zisk September 19, 2005 5
Having discovered his connection to Lincoln, Agents Kellerman and Hale try to have Michael transferred out of Fox River by blackmailing Warden Pope. Michael enlists the team’s help to discover part of the escape route.
6 "Riots, Drills and the Devil Part 1" Nick Santora Robert Mandel September 26, 2005 6
Falling behind schedule, Michael maneuvers the prisoners and guards into initiating a lockdown of the prison to give himself more time to dig, but it backfires when T-Bag starts a full-scale riot that threatens Lincoln, Sara and the escape plan itself.
7 "Riots, Drills and the Devil Part 2" Karyn Usher Vern Gillum October 3, 2005 7
Michael puts the escape plan at risk to rescue Sara from the rowdy prisoners in sick-bay, leaving Sucre, Abruzzi and T-Bag to continue the digging. Lincoln must fight off an assassination attempt. Veronica and Nick follow a lead to Washington D.C..
8 "The Old Head" Monica Macer Jace Alexander October 24, 2005 8
After discovering that the guards are sitting right on top of a vital part of the plan, Michael tries to recruit Westmoreland into the escape team. Veronica, Nick and LJ find their lives in danger from Kellerman and Hale.
9 "Tweener" Paul Scheuring Matt Earl Beesley October 31, 2005 9
Michael tries to protect a young inmate from T-Bag’s predations. The escape plan is endangered when Abruzzi falls out of favour with Philly Falzone and loses control of PI. C-Note begins to investigate his suspicions about Michael.
10 "Sleight of Hand" Nick Santora Dwight H. Little November 7, 2005 10
Abruzzi and Michael try to figure out how to regain control of PI, but to do so Michael may have to give up Fibonacci. C-Note forces his way onto the escape team. Veronica, Nick and LJ are pursued by an agent of "The Company".
11 "And Then There Were 7" Zack Estrin Jesús Salvador Treviño November 14, 2005 11
The escape team and prison staff – including Sara – discover that Michael has a wife when she arrives to give him an item for the plan. Westmoreland changes his mind about escaping. Veronica, Nick and LJ try to escape Quinn.
12 "Odd Man Out" Karyn Usher Bobby Roth November 21, 2005 12
Friction amongst the escape team is at an all-time high when they discover they are one person too many. Michael prepares the final leg of the escape. Veronica receives help from an unlikely ally.
13 "End of the Tunnel" Paul Scheuring Sanford Bookstaver November 28, 2005 13
The team readies for the escape but Michael is unwilling to leave Lincoln behind, who has been placed in the solitary. Veronica goes on television to try and expose the conspiracy, with help from a turncoat.
14 "The Rat" Matt Olmstead Kevin Hooks March 20, 2006 14
With Lincoln's execution only hours away, Michael tampers with the electric chair and pleads for Sara to appeal to her father, the Governor of Illinois, to review Lincoln's case. Meanwhile, Veronica and Nick try to have Terrance Steadman exhumed.
15 "By the Skin and the Teeth" Nick Santora Fred Gerber March 27, 2006 15
When anonymous evidence leads to a stay of execution of Lincoln, Michael reformulates his escape plan. He must now figure out a way to get into and through the prison's asylum undetected.
16 "Brother's Keeper" Zack Estrin Greg Yaitanes April 3, 2006 16
This episode is set three years before Michael's incarceration and features the lives of the various main characters, prior to their time at Fox River. The main plot of the episode revolves around the murder set-up that led to Lincoln's conviction and the reason of Michael's decision to save his brother.
17 "J-Cat" Karyn Usher Guy Ferland April 10, 2006 17
Unable to answer the warden's questions about his burn, Michael is sent to solitary. Sucre is forced to make sure the escape plan stays undetected. Veronica, Nick and LJ return to New Glarus to search for information. LJ decides he wants revenge.
18 "Bluff" Nick Santora & Karyn Usher Jace Alexander April 17, 2006 18
Now in the prison's asylum, Michael tries to get Haywire to recreate the missing part of the tattoo from memory. Geary decides to auction off Michael and Sucre's empty cell to the highest bidder, and the rest of the team must raise the money to buy it.
19 "The Key" Zack Estrin & Matt Olmstead Sergio Mimica Gezzan April 24, 2006 19
Lincoln is rescued from the car crash by his father, and learns the reason behind his set-up for Steadman's murder. Michael needs the infirmary key to complete the escape plan but is unable to steal it from Sara. Abruzzi returns to Fox River.
20 "Tonight" Zack Estrin Bobby Roth May 1, 2006 20
After Bellick discovers the hole, the team resolves to make their escape immediately. With no time and no alternatives, Michael is forced to involve Sara in the breakout. Tweener joins the team. Veronica finds evidence leading to Blackfoot, Montana.
21 "Go" Matt Olmstead Dean White May 8, 2006 21
Michael betrays Pope in order to have Lincoln released from the solitary. Sara is faced with the decision to aid Michael's escape or not. Nick is forced to betray Veronica. The escape team attempts a prison break.
22 "Flight" Paul Scheuring Kevin Hooks May 15, 2006 22
Now outside the prison walls, Michael, Lincoln and six other escapees race for their freedom as the authorities close in on them. Caroline Reynolds is abandoned by the Company and decides to take matters into her own hands. Veronica arrives in Montana to find the evidence that will prove Lincoln's innocence.

Season 2

The second season consists of a total of 22 episodes and was first aired from August 21, 2006 to April 2, 2007. It directly follows the prison break from the first season. A new major character is introduced, who is FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone, portrayed by William Fichtner. The first half of the season revolves around the escapees' journey to their family, Westmoreland's money and Michael's plan to escape the country. The second half of the season focuses on the conspiracy plot of the series. The season's plot spans approximately three weeks of the characters' lives.
# Title Writer Director Original airdate # in total
1 "Manhunt" Paul Scheuring Kevin Hooks August 21, 2006 23
Eight hours after the escape, Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, C-Note and Abruzzi head for Oswego as FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone is assigned to lead the pursuit of the escapees. T-Bag finds help for his cut-off hand. Veronica becomes unsuccessful while trying to bring out the evidence that Terrence Steadman is still alive.
2 "Otis" Matt Olmstead Bobby Roth August 28, 2006 24
Agent Mahone tries to lure the escapees by targeting an imprisoned L.J. as Michael and Lincoln plan another breakout. Abruzzi, C-Note, and Sucre flee on their own, while Tweener finds a ride. Bellick and Pope face tribunal for their roles in the breakout.
3 "Scan" Zack Estrin Bryan Spicer September 4, 2006 25
Michael and Lincoln go to Nika for help. Sucre searches for Maricruz, while C-Note seeks out his family, despite their being observed by the authorities. Sara is arrested for aiding the escape. Bellick and Geary become bounty hunters.
4 "First Down" Nick Santora Bobby Roth September 11, 2006 26
Bellick and Geary catch Michael, Lincoln and Nika. Abruzzi is determined to exact his revenge on Fibonacci as Mahone narrows his search on him. Kellerman approaches Sara. Meanwhile, T-Bag gets a lift from a stranger.
5 "Map 1213" Karyn Usher Peter O'Fallon September 18, 2006 27
Mahone takes an interest in the hidden millions of D.B. Cooper, with Michael and Lincoln racing to Utah in order to be the first to locate Westmoreland's Double K ranch. Sucre is determined to stop Maricruz's wedding in Las Vegas.
6 "Subdivision" Monica Macer Eric Laneuville September 25, 2006 28
Michael, Lincoln, T-Bag and Tweener search for Westmoreland's money and are unexpectedly joined by Sucre and C-Note. Mahone arrives in Utah while Haywire surfaces in Wisconsin. Governor Tancredi sees Kellerman at the United States Capitol.
7 "Buried" Seth Hoffman Sergio Mimica Gezzan October 2, 2006 29
Lincoln leaves Michael in order to go search for LJ in Arizona. Michael, C-Note, Sucre and T-Bag succeed in locating Westmoreland's money. Sara and her father are targeted by "The Company". Mahone interrogates Tweener.
8 "Dead Fall" Zack Estrin Vincent Misiano October 23, 2006 30
The fugitives split up again. Mahone is investigated by Internal Affairs regarding Tweener's death. Lincoln travels to Arizona to find LJ. Sara is hunted by "The Company". Bellick and Geary return to the hunt.
9 "Unearthed" Nick Santora Kevin Hooks October 30, 2006 31
The fugitives try again to make contact with their loved ones while the brothers head for their rendezvous. Michael makes a discovery about Mahone. Sara deciphers Michael's coded messages but so do Kellerman and Mahone.
10 "Rendezvous" Karyn Usher Dwight Little November 6, 2006 32
Michael and Sara rendezvous in New Mexico as Mahone tracks them. Lincoln and LJ are rescued from the police, while Sucre tries to reach Maricruz by phone in Nebraska. Bellick and Geary torture T-Bag.
11 "Bolshoi Booze" Monica Macer & Seth Hoffman Greg Yaitanes November 13, 2006 33
Michael has to outsmart a coyote to secure a getaway plane while Lincoln leaves LJ again. T-Bag escapes and finds Geary. Kellerman tortures Sara as Mahone figures out the location of Bolshoi Booze.
12 "Disconnect" Nick Santora & Karyn Usher Karen Gaviola November 20, 2006 34
Mahone searches for Michael's getaway plane while Michael reunites with his father. Sara escapes from Kellerman, who must face Agent Kim's wrath for his failure. C-Note risks public exposure. Bellick is implicated in Geary's murder.
13 "The Killing Box" Zack Estrin Bobby Roth November 27, 2006 35
T-Bag continues his search for Susan. Bellick returns to Fox River as an inmate, while Michael and Lincoln are also to be sent back after being arrested. Sucre is forced to parachute off his getaway plane as Kellerman hatches a plan.
14 "John Doe" Matt Olmstead & Nick Santora Kevin Hooks January 22, 2007 36
Michael, Lincoln and Kellerman go to Montana to find Terrence Steadman. Bellick has trouble with other Fox River inmates. C-Note continues his journey alone with his daughter and T-Bag invades the Hollander family.
15 "The Message" Zack Estrin & Karyn Usher Bobby Roth January 29, 2007 37
In order to broadcast a message to Sara on television, Michael, Lincoln and Kellerman kidnap a cameraman. Bellick is sent to the infirmary. Haywire buys beer for two teenagers, while Sucre steals a car in Mexico.
16 "Chicago" Nick Santora & Matt Olmstead Jesse Bochco February 5, 2007 38
Michael and Sara have an intimate moment on a train as they head to Chicago with Lincoln and Kellerman. Mahone enlists help from Bellick and corners Haywire. C-Note is held up at a diner with his daughter. T-Bag continues to hold the Hollanders hostage.
17 "Bad Blood" Paul Scheuring & Karyn Usher Nelson McCormick February 19, 2007 39
Michael and Sara seek Henry Pope for help to recover information that can bring down "The Company". As his daughter's illness worsens, C-Note decides to surrender. Sucre reunites with Maricruz while T-Bag visits his childhood home.
18 "Wash" Nick Santora Bobby Roth February 26, 2007 40
Lincoln, Michael and Sara find the evidence they need to expose the conspiracy. Mahone uses C-Note to locate Michael. Bellick goes to Mexico to find Sucre while T-Bag steals the identity of a psychiatrist. Kellerman prepares to assassinate the President.
19 "Sweet Caroline" Karyn Usher Dwight Little March 5, 2007 41
Michael uses the audio file to bargain with the President while Lincoln gets help from a friend for a backup plan. Mahone captures Sara. In Mexico, T-Bag loses Westmoreland's money while Bellick finds Sucre. C-Note is offered a way to save his family and himself.
20 "Panama" Zack Estrin Vincent Misiano March 19, 2007 42
Sara surrenders to the F.B.I. in order to allow Michael and Lincoln to escape to Panama. Bellick forces Sucre to search for Westmoreland's money with him. C-Note agrees to testify against Mahone in exchange for freedom.
21 "Fin Del Camino" Matt Olmstead & Seth Hoffman Bobby Roth March 26, 2007 43
Michael, Sucre and Bellick, each with different motives, work together to capture T-Bag. Lincoln attempts to thwart Mahone's plan to capture Michael. In Chicago, Sara attends her trial as Kellerman contemplates suicide.
22 "Sona" Paul Scheuring Kevin Hooks April 2, 2007 44
Kellerman's testimony frees Sara and Lincoln of their charges. Michael tries to save his brother from Mahone. Sucre searches for Bellick in order to find Maricruz, while T-Bag meets Bellick in a Panamanian jail.

Season 3

Season 3 of Prison Break premiered on September 17, 2007; the first seventeen minutes of the season premiere were released on the official website on August 24, 2007. The third season consists of most of the original cast with new additions and that the overall theme,according to Paul Scheuring, is "redemption". The plot continues from the second season finale, where most of the main characters have ended up in Panama. Although the conspiracy storyline has not finished, the third season's plot was "as different in tone as Season 2 was from Season 1". Due to the Writer's strike, which lasted 100 days, only 13 episodes were produced for the third season. The third season was released for DVD & Blu-ray on August 12. The season also calculates 10 days of the lives of the characters.

# Title Writer Director Original airdate # in total
1 "Orientación" Paul Scheuring Kevin Hooks September 17, 2007 45
Michael is incarcerated in a prison along with T-Bag, Bellick and Mahone. Lincoln tries to find a way to get his brother out, Sara is missing and LJ arrives in Panama.
2 "Fire/Water" Matt Olmstead Bobby Roth September 24, 2007 46
Michael races to find a hidden Whistler before Mahone. Searching for clues outside the prison, Lincoln runs into an old friend and makes a new one. T-Bag slithers his way into Lechero's graces as the prisoners threaten a revolt due to the lack of water.
3 "Call Waiting" Zack Estrin Milan Cheylov October 1, 2007 47
Determined to speak with Sara, Michael enlists T-Bag's help to get Lechero's phone. Lincoln attempts a daring rescue of LJ and Sara. Whistler comes clean to Michael. Mahone tries to get his drugs through a lawyer. Bellick makes an enemy while attempting to acquire a pair of shoes.
4 "Good Fences" Nick Santora Michael Switzer October 8, 2007 48
After his failed attempt at rescue, Lincoln receives a deadly threat from the company. Michael formulates an electrifying escape plan from Sona. Mahone is haunted by hallucinations of Haywire. T-Bag becomes a member of Lechero's crew by murdering Nieves. Bellick's attempt to rat on Michael backfires.
5 "Interference" Karyn Usher Karen Gaviola October 22, 2007 49
A new inmate enters Sona unnerving Whistler and raising Michael's suspicions; Lincoln plans an ocean getaway with Sofia as Susan moves up the escape timetable; T-Bag tempts his fate with his latest attraction; and Sucre attempts to get goods into Sona.
6 "Photo Finish" Seth Hoffman Kevin Hooks November 5, 2007 50
Michael threatens to cancel the escape plan unless he sees proof that Sara is still alive. Whistler is accused of murdering an inmate and it is up to Michael to prove his innocence and save his life. Lincoln and Sofia help in monitoring the morning guards. Mahone may have another way to get out of Sona.
7 "Vamonos" Zack Estrin & Kalinda Vazquez Vincent Misiano November 5, 2007 51
When Michael is told Sara is dead he takes his anger out on Whistler by throwing in the chicken foot. Mahone's offer is not all that it seems. Lincoln and Sofia find themselves in trouble as Susan threatens to kill LJ. Lechero is losing his power over Sona.
8 "Bang & Burn" Christian Trokey & Nick Santora Bobby Roth November 12, 2007 52
Susan takes the escape into her own hands, leaving Michael’s life hanging in the balance; Lechero reveals a secret buried beneath Sona; Sofia uncovers more of Whistler’s past; Mahone’s freedom hinges on his testimony; and Lincoln and Sucre are targeted by The Company.
9 "Boxed In" Karyn Usher Craig Ross January 14, 2008 53
Newly appointed General Zavala takes control of Sona, by taking Michael out of it. Sucre and Linc have plans to get more money; Bellick gets into an argument with the wrong inmate; and Susan finds herself in an unexpected place. Sammy receives a gift.
10 "Dirt Nap" Matt Olmstead & Seth Hoffman Michael Switzer January 21, 2008 54
As tensions rise between Lechero and Sammy, an unexpected con throws down the chicken foot; Susan tests Sucre; Michael and Whistler continue digging; and another body is taken out of Sona; T-Bag gets a shock.
11 "Under and Out" Zack Estrin Greg Yaitanes February 4, 2008 55
Heavy rains force Michael to move up the escape timetable and break out of Sona that evening. McGrady joins in on the escape, and T-Bag and Lechero form an alliance as Bellick hopes to form one with Mahone. Lincoln and Sucre help bring the lights down on Sona.
12 "Hell or High Water" Nick Santora Kevin Hooks February 11, 2008 56
Michael & his fellow inmates make their break from Sona, but the escape doesn't go as planned for all of them.
13 "The Art of the Deal" Matt Olmstead & Seth Hoffman Nelson McCormick February 18, 2008 57
Michael & Lincoln must hand over Whistler to Gretchen so they can save LJ and Sofia's lives; Mahone seizes a golden opportunity; T-Bag shows Sona who's boss; a familiar face enters Sona as another leaves it in a body bag.

Season 4

Season 4 of Prison Break premiered on September 1, 2008. The fourth season will see the return of Sara Tancredi. The plot continues three weeks from the third season finale, where Michael drives off into the horizon to avenge the apparent death of Sara.

# Title Writer Director Original airdate # in total
1 "Scylla" Matt Olmstead Kevin Hooks September 1, 2008 58
Michael has trailed Gretchen/Susan, Whistler and Mahone to L.A. Chaos reigns in SONA while T-Bag, Bellick and Sucre go missing. Lincoln and L.J. continue to stay with Sofia.
2 "Breaking & Entering" Zack Estrin Bobby Roth September 1, 2008 59
Michael and his gang try to break into the cardholder's house.
3 "Shut Down" Nick Santora Milan Cheylov September 8, 2008 60
Michael attempts to track the cardholder and avoid going back to prison. Wyatt finds new information regarding Sara's whereabouts. T-Bag uses a new identity to make a new life for himself.
4 "Eagles & Angels" Karyn Usher Michael Switzer September 15, 2008 61
Michael, Lincoln and Mahone must crash a police benefit to obtain the next card key and Sara's life is put at risk once again.
5 "Safe & Sound" Seth Hoffman Karen Gaviola September 22, 2008 62
The search for the next card key holder brings Michael and Lincoln to the Treasury Department.
6 "Blow Out" Kalinda Vazquez Bryan Spicer September 29, 2008 63
Michael and the team tracks a key card holder to a racetrack; Mahone gets caught with something priceless; Wyatt targets Don Self; T-Bag starts to figure out Whistler's code.
7 "Five the Hard Way" Christian Trokey Garry A. Brown October 6, 2008 64
Lincoln takes members of the team to Las Vegas where Sucre gets an indecent proposal. Sara learns about Michael's condition, and Roland pushes his luck too far.
8 "The Price" - - October 20, 2008 65
Lincoln and Sucre target Pad Man to obtain the sixth and final card key. A major character faces his demise at the hands of Gretchen.
9 "Greatness Achieved" - - October 27, 2008 66
10 "The Legend" - - November 3, 2008 67
11 "Quiet Riot" - - November 10, 2008 68
12 "Selfless" - - November 17, 2008 69
13 "Deal Or No Deal" - - November 24, 2008 70
14 "Just Business" - - 2009 71


Season Title Narrator Original airdate
1 "Behind the Walls" Mark Thompson October 11, 2005
Summing up the first seven episodes, including behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the cast and actors. Background information on the show and the main characters is provided.
2 "The Road to Freedom" John Leader January 8, 2007
The second special episode for the series runs for approximately 23 minutes. Aired prior to the fourteenth episode preview of the remaining episodes and interviews with Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Sarah Wayne Callies, William Fichtner, Wade Williams, Paul Adelstein, Robert Knepper and Silas Weir Mitchell.
3 "Access All Areas" Amanda Byram September 23, 2007
A third special episode, aired on Sky One in the United Kingdom. This time summing up the beginning of the third season, including behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the cast. Background information on the show and the main characters is provided.


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