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Aden Jefferies (Home and Away)

Aden Jefferies is a fictional character in the Australian soap opera Home and Away, portrayed by actor Todd Lasance since 2005 (he departed the show in late 2005 and returned in 2007).

Character's background

Aden has lived in Summer Bay since his childhood and was raised by his father after the death of his mother. He began attending Summer Bay High in August 2005 and soon after began dating Cassie Turner. Their relationship ended when Ric Dalby was beaten up and almost killed by Aden's older brother, Sean (he was sent to jail for attacking Ric). In 2007 he started bullying Geoff Campbell. He had a brief fling with Tamsyn Armstrong in 2007, but it came to an end after he got her drunk and embarrassed her by dumping her two days before the Year 12 formal.

A Bad Boy Turned Good

Wrongly Accused

In February 2008 he was wrongly accused of getting Annie Campbell drunk when he was seen on the beach with her in his arms and was on the brink of facing criminal charges, until Annie owned up that he had not been the one that got her drunk, he was the one that found her and helped her so Aden was let off the hook.

Car Crash/HIV Scare

In November 2007, Aden was involved in a car crash with Cassie Turner(his ex-girlfriend),Matilda Hunter and his cousin Simon. In the aftermath of the crash Aden was left with fractured ribs,a broken wrist and a "shatterred" leg. His leg later developed Department Syndrome which saw him undergo emergency surgery to prevent possible amputation. In the months since the accident Aden's injuries have fully healed.

In early 2008 when it was revealed that Cassie Turner was HIV positive, Aden was left distraught at the thought that he might be HIV positive because he'd had blood to blood contact with Cassie during a car accident(the November 2007 crash) months prior to her being diagnosed. Fortunately for Aden he tested negative for HIV.

Melody Jones

Earlier in 2008, Aden beat up his(now deceased) former best friend Axel Hay when he(Axel) attempted to assault Melody while at a party thrown by Nicole. In September when Aden arrived at the psychiatric clinic he was shocked to find that Melody Jones(Geoff Campbell's Ex-Girlfriend) was also a patient at the clinic. Melody later revealed to him that she believes it's her fault that Axel died because she prayed for it to happen. Since their time in the clinic Aden and Melody have developed a close bond.

Family Problems

Past Revealed and Daddy Issues

Recently he has began to slowly delv into the years of horrific sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of his grandfather, though it is never actually stated, but it is heavily implied. In episode 4606, he confronted his father about the abuse he suffered he became invovled in an accident at the old diner where part of the roof caved in, as a result he lost his memory of the day of the incident; including the confrontation with his father. He has since remembered everything and is trying to rebuild his relationship with his father. In the wake of the robbery in which his father was hurt, Aden discovered that he had had a relapse and was drinking once again. In the hospital he revealed to Belle and Roman that after his mother died his father had become an alcoholic, leaving he and his brother to fend for themselves. After his brother started getting into trouble their grandfather moved in with them to support them.

Between 7-11 July Larry tried to patch things up with Aden but Aden told him that he would never live with Larry again, Larry got drunk and whilst driving he accidentally hit Axel and Jai. After he saw what he had done, Larry got back in the car, drove off and left Axel and Jai for dead, then he packed his bags and run away after finding out that the accident resulted in the death of Axel Hay (Aden's former best friend). Aden figured out that a drunk Larry caused the accident, after he searched Larry's house and found a blood stained t-shirt. He told Belle about it and they began to search for Larry. Aden and Belle found Larry trying to hide the evidence and confronted him, he said he would go to the police but needed a drink first Aden and Belle trusted him and went to get a bottle only to find he had torched the evidence and ran off. The police then started looking for Larry but were unsuccessful in finding him.

On 4 August it was revealed that Larry's hiding place was Larry and Aden's home at 12 Burrawong Road. On August 5, Aden figured this out and went to the house to confront him and at this time realised that it was Larry that stole Belle's $4000; during the confrontation though Aden was shocked beyond belief by Larry's admission that he also was sexually abused by Stanley (aden's grandfather). Aden wanted larry to get medical attention for injuries (sustained during the Kane robbery)but Larry refused until it got to the point were he wanted medical help, but then Aden refused to help him. This lead to Aden holding Larry and Rachel hostage in a shed.

During a therapy session at the clinic he made a break-through when he realised that Larry was unable to stop Stanley from abusing him(Aden) because of his(Larry) own fear of Stanley(Larry's father, Aden's grandfather).

Attempted Murder Trial

Aden goes to court charged with the attempted murder of Larry and the kidnapping of Belle and Rachel. On September 29th(Epiosde 4726) aden's first day in court ended with him firing his lawyer when the lawyer attempted to mention the abuse aden had suffered, court was adjourned until the next day. On September 30th aden was found guilty of kidnapping,non-guilty of attempted murder and sentenced to 100 hours community service. Larry in now in jail for the hit-and-run death of Axel Hay.

Roman and Nicole Harris

After being released from hospital Aden moved in with Roman and Nicole Harris, whom he has made a friendship with. In early May, Aden and Nicole made a bet that Nicole could sleep with Geoff within 2 weeks; if Nicole lost the bet Aden would win 200 dollars but if Nicole won she would win 200 dollars. Aden eventually won the bet when Geoff discovered the truth and got some payback on Nicole. On May 20, Aden and Nicole had their first kiss which almost lead to them having sex when she tried to seduce him, Aden later told Nicole that there is no chance of them ever getting together. On 22 May he went to talk to Rachel Armstrong and it turned out that when Nicole tried to seduce him it brought back bad memories of his grandfather. Aden's friendship with Nicole changed due to her jealous medling in the early days of his relationship with Belle. While he was in the clinic Roman and Nicole were regular visitors. Since being released from the clinic he has resumed a close friendship with Nicole and on what was supposed to be Aden's first day back at school(since leaving the clinic) they ended up ditching school when he was hassled by school-bully Matt Lyons.

Belle and Aden

Secret Couple

Aden and Belle started a relationship after months of bickering. Matilda first noticed that Belle had a thing for Aden and he has been trying to get her to talk to him but she just pushes him away because she is scared of getting hurt. She recently took pictures of him and his friend Axel(recently deceased), shirtless on the beach, Aden caught her looking at the photos but did not know they were of him.

After he found out about his fathers continued acoholism, Aden got drunk and ended up in bed with Belle (they didn't have sex, Aden was drunk and fell asleep in her bed). However, much to Nicole's disappointment, the next day Aden has no recollection of the previous day's events in which she told him her true feelings for him. Nicole then became extremely jealous whenever she saw Aden and Belle together. Aden and Belle shared their first kiss on June 12th and were then in a secret relationship (Belle didn't want others to know about the relationship).

On July 1st when Belle told him she caught his dad Larry drinking again he took his anger out on her before confronting Larry in which he called him a pathetic drunk, Aden then stormed out and slept on a couch in The Den for the night. He moved back in with Roman and Nicole on 2 July. Soon after, Belle told Irene about her feelings for Aden and their relationship was no longer a secret. Aden also told Belle that she is the best thing that's ever happened to him.

Secrets Revealed

They have yet to consummate their relationship due to Aden's reluctance because of his past sexual abuse. On July 21, he got angry and called Belle a skank that had been with every guy in town and then dumped her (Belle later realised that he's a virgin). A few days after the break up he got a call from his father which upset him, so he then went to talk to Belle only to find her on a date with new cop in town Angelo. Later the same night Aden apologised to Belle for calling her a skank and he then revealed to her that he was sexually abused by his grandfather and how the shame he feels about it makes him push away anyone who he gets close to. In episode 4695 he started speaking with a counsellor to sort out his issues. On August 1st, after visits with a counsellor, Aden and Belle consummated their relationship.''

The Break-Up

In late August 2008, Aden took Larry,Rachel and Belle hostage while attempting to kill his father(Larry) but was stopped by Belle's admission that she loves him(Aden). On the condition of not going to jail(for the attempted murder of Larry) he was sent to a psychiatric clinic and a few days later Belle ended their relationship. In early September, after a break-through in therapy he got to leave the clinic for a few hours and decided to visit Belle but was devastated when he caught her kissing Angelo. When Belle realised that Aden witnessed the kiss she tried to visit him at the clinic but he refused to see her and told Roman that he doesn't care that she(Belle) has moved on. After being released from the clinic Aden bumped into Belle on the beach and after confiriming that she was still dating Angelo, he admitted he was happy for her seeing as their(Aden and Belle) lives are now taking them in separate directions.

In September, Aden returned to work at the Diner but quit after Belle kept pushing for them to have a close friendship(he refuses as he is still in love with Belle). After quitting he quickly got a new job working as a labourer at the development site, which Belle openly disapproves of. Annoyed with Belle's constant interference in his life he told her to stay out of his life for good. In episode 4732 Aden and Belle kissed. In episode 4733 Belle chooses between Aden and Angelo, but he finds out that she slept with Angelo.


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