Education in Taoyuan County

Education in Taoyuan County, Republic of China, below tertiary level, is through an established school system that consists of elementary schools, junior high schools, and senior high schools. It is managed by the Education Department of the Taoyuan County Government. The director is Ming-Wen Chang. In the four-year period 2003-2007, 85 billion NT dollars were spent on education.

Profile of Schools


Elementary schools

Bade City elementary schools
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Ba-De Elementary School 八德國小 English Chinese
Da-An Elementary School 大安國小 English Chinese
Da-Cheng Elementary School 大成國小 English Chinese
Da-Jhong Elementary School 大忠國小 English Chinese
Da-Yun Elementary School 大勇國小 English Chinese
Guang-Xing Elementary School 廣興國小 English Chinese
Jia-Dong Elementary School 茄苳國小 English Chinese
Ruei-Fong Elementary School 瑞豐國小 English Chinese
Siao-Li Elementary School 霄裡國小 English Chinese
Dasi Township elementary schools
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Bai-Ji Elementary School 百吉國小 English Chinese
Chung-Shing Elementary School 中興國小 English Chinese
Chyau-Ay Elementary School 僑愛國小 English Chinese
Da-Si Elementary School 大溪國小 English Chinese
Fu-An Elementary School 福安國小 English Chinese
Mei-Hwa Elementary School 美華國小 English Chinese
Nan-Sing Elementary School 南興國小 English Chinese
Nei-Ja Elementary School 內柵國小 English Chinese
Ren-Shan Elementary School 仁善國小 English Chinese
Ruei-Siang Elementary School 瑞祥國小 English Chinese
Tien-Hsin Elementary School 田心國小 English Chinese
Yong-Fu Elementary School 永福國小 English Chinese
Yuan-Shu-Lin Elementary School 員樹林國小 English Chinese
Dayuan Township elementary schools
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Chao-Inn Elementary School 潮音國小 English Chinese
Chen-Kang Elementary School 陳康國小 English Chinese
Da-Yuan Elementary School 大園國小 English Chinese
Guo-Lin Elementary School 菓林國小 English Chinese
Hou-Tsuo Elementary School 后厝國小 English Chinese
Jhu-Wei Elementary School 竹圍國小 English Chinese
Nei-Hai Elementary School 內海國小 English Chinese
Pu-Whin Elementary School 埔心國小 English Chinese
Sha-Lun Elementary School 沙崙國小 English Chinese
Shi-Hai Elementary School 溪海國小 English Chinese
Wu-Cyuan Elementary School 五權國小 English Chinese
Zun-Tou Elementary School 圳頭國小 English Chinese
Fusing Township elementary schools
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Ba-Lung Elementary School 巴崚國小 English Chinese
Chang-Sing Elementary School 長興國小 English Chinese
Gao-Po Elementary School 高坡國小 English Chinese
Gau-Yi Elementary School 高義國小 English Chinese
Guang-Hua Elementary School 光華國小 English Chinese
Hsia-Yun Elementary School 霞雲國小 English Chinese
Jie-Shou Elementary School 介壽國小 English Chinese
Kui-Hui Elementary School 奎輝國小 English Chinese
Luo-Fu Elementary School 羅浮國小 English Chinese
San-Guang Elementary School 三光國小 English Chinese
San-Min Elementary School 三民國小 English Chinese
Yi-Sheng Elementary School 義盛國小 English Chinese
Guanyin Township elementary schools
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Bao-Sheng Elementary School 保生國小 English Chinese
Cão-ta Elementary School 草漯國小 English Chinese
Fu-Lin Elementary School 富林國小 English Chinese
Guan-Yin Elementary School 觀音國小 English Chinese
Lun-Ping Elementary School 崙坪國小 English Chinese
Shan-Da Elementary School 上大國小 English Chinese
Shu-Lin Elementary School 樹林國小 English Chinese
Sin-Po Elementary School 新坡國小 English Chinese
Ta-Tan Elementary School 大潭國小 English Chinese
Yu-Ren Elementary School 育仁國小 English Chinese
Gueishan Township elementary schools
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Chang-Gung Elementary School 長庚國小 English Chinese
Da-Gang Elementary School 大崗國小 English Chinese
Da-Hu Elementary School 大湖國小 English Chinese
Da-Keng Elementary School 大坑國小 English Chinese
Da-Pu Elementary School 大埔國小 English Chinese
Feng-Shu Elementary School 楓樹國小 English Chinese
Fu-Yuan Elementary School 福源國小 English Chinese
Hsin-lu Elementary School 新路國小 English Chinese
Huei-Long Elementary and Junior High School 迴龍國中小 English Chinese
Kuei-Shan Elementary School 龜山國小 English Chinese
Le-shan Elementary School 樂善國小 English Chinese
Long-Shou Elementary School 龍壽國小 English Chinese
Nan-Mei Elementary School 南美國小 English Chinese
Shan-Ding Elementary School 山頂國小 English Chinese
Show-Shan Elementary School 壽山國小 English Chinese
Sing-Fu Elementary School 幸福國小 English Chinese
TZU-CIANG Elementary School 自強國小 English Chinese
Wen-Hua Elementary School 文華國小 English Chinese
Wen-Shing Elementary School 文欣國小 English Chinese
Jhongli City elementary schools
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Ba-Li Elementary School 芭里國小 English Chinese
Chong-Ping Elementary School 中平國小 English Chinese
Chung-Cheng Elementary School 中正國小 English Chinese
Chung-Li Elementary School 中壢國小 English Chinese
Chung-Yuan Elementary School 中原國小 English Chinese
Cing-Pu Elementary School 青埔國小 English Chinese
Da-Lun Elementary School 大崙國小 English Chinese
Fu-Tai Elementary School 富台國小 English Chinese
Hsin-Yi Elementary School 信義國小 English Chinese
Hua-Shiun Elementary School 華勛國小 English Chinese
Jhong-Fu Elementary School 忠福國小 English Chinese
Lin-Sen Elementary School 林森國小 English Chinese
Lung-Gang Elementary School 龍岡國小 English Chinese
Nei-Ding Elementary School 內定國小 English Chinese
Nei-li Elementary School 內壢國小 English Chinese
Pu-Ren Elementary School 普仁國小 English Chinese
San-Dong Elementary School 山東國小 English Chinese
Shin-Jie Elementary School 新街國小 English Chinese
Sin-Ming Elementary School 新明國小 English Chinese
Sing-Guo Elementary School 興國國小 English Chinese
Sing-Ren Elementary School 興仁國小 English Chinese
Yuan-Shen Elementary School 元生國小 English Chinese
Zi-Li Elementary School 自立國小 English Chinese
Longtan Township elementary schools
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Chian-Long Elementary School 潛龍國小 English Chinese
Gao-Yuan Elementary School 高原國小 English Chinese
Long-Sing Elementary School 龍星國小 English Chinese
Long-Tan Elementary School 龍潭國小 English Chinese
Long-Yuan Elementary School 龍源國小 English Chinese
San-Ho Elementary School 三和國小 English Chinese
San-Keng Elementary School 三坑國小 English Chinese
Shih-Men Elementary School 石門國小 English Chinese
Shuang-Long Elementary School 雙龍國小 English Chinese
Te-Long Elementary School 德龍國小 English Chinese
Wu-Han Elementary School 武漢國小 English Chinese
Lujhu Township elementary schools
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Da-Chu Elementary School 大竹國小 English Chinese
Da-Hua Elementary School 大華國小 English Chinese
Ding-She Elementary School 頂社國小 English Chinese
Gong-Pu Elementary School 公埔國小 English Chinese
Guang-Ming Elementary School 光明國小 English Chinese
Hai-Hu Elementary School 海湖國小 English Chinese
Jing-Xing Elementary School 錦興國小 English Chinese
Long-An Elementary School 龍安國小 English Chinese
Lu-Chu Elementary School 蘆竹國小 English Chinese
Nan-Kan Elementary School 南崁國小 English Chinese
Shan-Jiau Elementary School 山腳國小 English Chinese
Shin-Shing Elementary School 新興國小 English Chinese
Sin-jHuang Elementary School 新莊國小 English Chinese
Wai-She Elementary School 外社國小 English Chinese
Pingjhen City elementary schools
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Bei-Shi Elementary School 北勢國小 English Chinese
Dong-An Elementary School 東安國小 English Chinese
Dong-Shi Elementary School 東勢國小 English Chinese
Fu-Dan Elementary School 復旦國小 English Chinese
Hsin-Shih Elementary School 新勢國小 English Chinese
Jong-Jen Elementary School 忠貞國小 English Chinese
Nan-Shi Elementary School 南勢國小 English Chinese
Ping-Sing Elementary School 平興國小 English Chinese
Shan-Fong Elementary School 山豐國小 English Chinese
Sheen-Zong Elementary School 新榮國小 English Chinese
Shiang-An Elementary School 祥安國小 English Chinese
Song-Wu Elementary School 宋屋國小 English Chinese
Wen-Hua Elementary School 文化國小 English Chinese
Yi-Shing Elementary School 義興國小 English Chinese
Sinwu Township elementary schools
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Ben-Gang Elementary School 笨港國小 English Chinese
Chi-Wen Elementary School 啟文國小 English Chinese
Da-Po Elementary School 大坡國小 English Chinese
Ke-Jian Elementary School 蚵間國小 English Chinese
Pei-Hu Elementary School 北湖國小 English Chinese
Pu-Ding Elementary School 埔頂國小 English Chinese
She-Zhi Elementary School 社子國小 English Chinese
Shin-Wu Elementary School 新屋國小 English Chinese
Tou-Jou Elementary School 頭洲國小 English Chinese
Tung-Ming Elementary School 東明國小 English Chinese
Yung-An Elementary School 永安國小 English Chinese
Taoyuan City elementary schools
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Bei-Men Elementary School 北門國小 English Chinese
Cheng-Gong Elementary School 成功國小 English Chinese
Ching-Shi Elementary School 青溪國小 English Chinese
Chung-Pu Elementary School 中埔國小 English Chinese
Chung-Shan Elementary School 中山國小 English Chinese
Da-Yeh Elementary School 大業國小 English Chinese
Da-You Elementary School 大有國小 English Chinese
Gian-Guo Elementary School 建國國小 English Chinese
Guei-Ji Elementary School 會稽國小 English Chinese
Happy Elementary School 快樂國小 English Chinese
Jane-Der Elementary School 建德國小 English Chinese
Long-Shan Elementary School 龍山國小 English Chinese
Nan-Men Elementary School 南門國小 English Chinese
Shin-Pu Elementary School 新埔國小 English Chinese
Si-Men Elementary School 西門國小 English Chinese
TaoYuan Elementary School 桃園國小 English Chinese
Tong-An Elementary School 同安國小 English Chinese
Tong-De Elementary School 同德國小 English Chinese
Tung-Men Elementary School 東門國小 English Chinese
Tzu-Wen Elementary School 慈文國小 English Chinese
Wun-Shan Elementary School 文山國小 English Chinese
Yong-Shun Elementary School 永順國小 English Chinese
Zhuang-Jing Elementary School 莊敬國小 English Chinese
Yangmei Township elementary schools
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Da-Tong Elementary school 大同國小 English Chinese
Fu-Gang Elementary school 富岡國小 English Chinese
Gao-Rong Elementary school 高榮國小 English Chinese
Ray-May Elementary school 瑞梅國小 English Chinese
Ruei-Pu Elementary school 瑞埔國小 English Chinese
Ruei-Yuan Elementary school 瑞原國小 English Chinese
Ruey-Tarng Elementary school 瑞塘國小 English Chinese
Shang-Hu Elementary school 上湖國小 English Chinese
Shang-Tian Elementary school 上田國小 English Chinese
Shui-Mei Elementary School 水美國小 English Chinese
Si-Wei Elementary school 四維國小 English Chinese
Yang-Mei Elementary school 楊梅國小 English Chinese
Yang-Ming Elementary school 楊明國小 English Chinese
Young-Shin Elementary school 楊心國小 English Chinese

Junior high schools

Bade City junior high schools
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Ba-De Junior High School 八德國中 English Chinese
Da-Cheng Junior High School 大成國中 English Chinese
Dasi Township junior high schools
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Da-Si Junior High School 大溪國中 English Chinese
Jen-Ho Junior High School 仁和國中 English Chinese
Ta-Han Junior High School 大漢國中 English Chinese
Dayuan Township junior high schools
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Chu-Wei Junior High School 竹圍國中 English Chinese
Da-Yuan Junior High School 大園國中 English Chinese
Fusing Township junior high schools
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Jie-Shou Junior High School 介壽國中 English Chinese
Guanyin Township junior high schools
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Cao-ta junior high school 草漯國中 English Chinese
Guan-Yin Junior High School 觀音國中 English Chinese
Sin-Po Junior High School 新坡國中 English Chinese
Gueishan Township junior high schools
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Da-Guang Junior High School 大崗國中 English Chinese
Guei-Shan Junior High School 龜山國中 English Chinese
Hsing-Fu Junior High School 幸福國中 English Chinese
Shou-Shan Junior High School 壽山國中 English Chinese
Jhongli City junior high schools
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Da-Luen Junior High School 大崙國中 English Chinese
Dong-Sing Junior High School 東興國中 English Chinese
Hsin-Ming Junior High School 新明國中 English Chinese
Hsing-Nan Junior High School 興南國中 English Chinese
Long-Gong Junior High School 龍岡國中 English Chinese
Lun-Sin Junior High School 龍興國中 English Chinese
Nei-Li Junior High School 內壢國中 English Chinese
Tzu-Chiang Junior High School 自強國中 English Chinese
Longtan Township junior high schools
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Ling-Yun Junior High School 凌雲國中 English Chinese
Lon-Tan Junior High School 龍潭國中 English Chinese
Shih-Men Junior High School 石門國中 English Chinese
Wu-Han Junior High School 武漢國中 English Chinese
Lujhu Township junior high schools
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Da-Chu Junior High School 大竹國中 English Chinese
Guang-Ming Junior High School 光明國中 English Chinese
Shan-Jiao Junior High School 山腳國中 English Chinese
Pingjhen City junior high schools
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Chung-Li Junior High School 中壢國中 English Chinese
Dung-An Junior High School 東安國中 English Chinese
Ping-Hsing Junior High School 平興國中 English Chinese
Ping-Jhen Junior High School 平鎮國中 English Chinese
Ping-Nan Junior High School 平南國中 English Chinese
Sinwu Township junior high schools
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Da-Po Junior High School 大坡國中 English Chinese
Sin-Wu Junior High School 新屋國中 English Chinese
Yung-An Junior High School 永安國中 English Chinese
Taoyuan City junior high schools
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Chien-Kuo Junior High School 建國國中 English Chinese
Chin-Hsi Junior High School 青溪國中 English Chinese
Chung-Hsing Junior High School 中興國中 English Chinese
Da-You Junior High School 大有國中 English Chinese
Fu-Fong Junior High School 福豐國中 English Chinese
Jing-Guo Junior High School 經國國中 English Chinese
Kuai-Ji Junior High School 會稽國中 English Chinese
Taoyuan Junior High School 桃園國中 English Chinese
Tung-De Junior High School 同德國中 English Chinese
Tzu-Wen Junior High School 慈文國中 English Chinese
Wun-Chang Junior High School 文昌國中 English Chinese
Yangmei Township junior high schools
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Fu-Gang Junior High School 富岡國中 English Chinese
Rei-Yuan Junior High School 瑞原國中 English Chinese
Ren-Mei Junior High School 仁美國中 English Chinese
Rui-Ping Junior High School 瑞坪國中 English Chinese
Yang-Guang Junior High School 楊光國中 English Chinese
Yang-Mei Junior High School 楊梅國中 English Chinese
Yang-Mei Junior High School - Xiu-Cai Branch 楊梅國中秀才分校 English Chinese
Yang-Ming Junior High School 楊明國中 English Chinese

High schools

English Name Chinese Name Introduction Website
Nan-Kan High School 南崁高中 English Chinese
Yung-Feng High School 永豐高中 English Chinese
Ping-Jen High School 平鎮高中 Chinese

Specific schools

Ba-De Junior High School

Ba-De Junior High School is a Junior High School in Bade City. It educates around 1,750 students in grades 7-9. Bade Junior High is 8 km away from Taoyuan City and 6 km to Yingge, Taipei County in the north, 8 k, from Chungli in the south, and 6 km to Dashi in the west. For transportation, there are buses operated by Taoyuan Bus and Yatung Bus running to the school.;History In 1961, with the effort of Mr. Chiu Sheng, the Township Mayor, and other local personalities the Bade branch of Dashi Junior High School was granted the admittance to be built, and Mr. Wang Huan-chi was appointed as the head.

In September 1963, it was allowed to be renamed as Taoyuan County Bade Middle School School, and Mr. Wang Huan-chi, the head of the branch, was appointed as the first principal. In 1968, the government offered 9 years of free education, and the school was renamed as Taoyuan County Bade Junior High School.

The past principals were Mr. Wang Ting-hsun, Mr. Fanchian Wen-cheng, Mr. Li Shen-huo, Mr. Hsu Ching-fa, and Ms. Chen Kuai-yu.

Chu-Wei Junior High School

This school is located in Dayuan, Taoyuan. The north borders Chuwei Fishing Port, and the south is near to the Taoyuan International Airport.;History In 1969, due to the noises made by the airplanes, the idea of moving school was brought up. In 1983, the county magistrate, Mr. Hung,-chih, Hsu inaugurated the construction, which was completed in 1984.

Da-Luen Junior High School

In 1961 Hsin Ming Junior High School, Da Luen, was first founded. In August 1963 DLJH was formally established. Mr. Kuo-Tung Cheng was appointed as the first principal.In September 1969, Mr. Han-Chiang Tang replaced Mr. Cheng as the second principal, through to Mr. Pang-Chiu Liu who was appointed as the seventh principal in August 2001

Da-Po Junior High School

This school is located on Lin, Dapo Village, Hsinwu Shiang, Taoyuang County;History The people here work mainly in agriculture, both farming and fishing, so the cultural standard here is considered to be not very high. Young people had to go a long way to Hsin-Wu, Fu-Kang and Yung-An for study before 1977, because there was not a school nearby. Then the local people bought a piece of land about 3.171 hectares through the helps from the local government of Taoyuan county and the township administration office of Hsin-Wu village to set up the branch of S.W.J.H.S, with only five classes, here by 1977, headed by Mr. Huang-Cheng-Hsiung as the first director.

Da-Si Junior High School

This junior high school is located on Mingcheng East Road, Dashi township on a campus of 5.3 hectares.;History The school was founded on 17 October 1946 named 'Dasi Junior High School'. The school was renamed 'Taoyuan County Dasi Junior High School' in 1968 when government executed the 9 year national standard education. The name changed to 'Wu Ling National Junior High School' in 1975. Finally, the school was renamed as 'Taoyuan County, Dasi Junior High School' in August 1992. The first location was on the east side of Dasi Town Chung Ching Park; the campus was around 1 hectare. In 1982, to allow the establishment of evening classes, they moved to the present campus in August 1985.

Dong-Sing Junior High School

This school is located on Guangjhou Rd., Jhongli City, Taoyuan County. ;History Dong-Sing Junior High School was established in 1985. Due to the growth of the population in the community, the number of the classes has boosted rapidly from 10 to 113. There are currently 84 classes under the advice from the authority.

Hsin-Ming Junior High School

Hsin-Ming Junior High was established in the summer of 1956, being named as Taoyuan County Yangmei High School Hsin-Ming Division. Principal Fang-chie Chang retained Mr. Shi-Tao Lee as the Division Supervisor. The temporary campus of Hsin-Ming was located in Hsin-Jie Temple, and the first graduates amounted to 880 persons and 16 classes. In 1958, Hsin-Ming bought the present campus from Provincial Law and Commerce College, and it has become the permanent home of Hsin-Ming since then. Hsin-Ming has undertaken several times of name-changing, and it’s illustrated as following.

As permitted, Hsin-Ming was independent in August of 1959 as Taoyuan County Hsin-Ming Preliminary High School. The province authority assigned Hsin-Chao Hsieh as the first principal. Da-Luen and Nei-Li Divisions were set in 1961, and each of them was independent two years later. Due to “Nine-year Obligatory Education” announced in 1968, the school title was officially changed as Hsin-Ming Junior High School.

Principal Hsieh resigned in 1975. Director of Social Education Department in Education Bureau, Lin-Long Tsai was assigned as Acting Principal, and he became the principal in 1977. Principal Tsai transferred to Jian-Kuo Junior High School in February, 1983. Jin-Chow Tsai took the position of principal and retired in February, 1990.

The following principal was Wen-Bin Lee who established Class of Music Talents to foster students with gifts in music. Students amounted to 3500 persons (74 classes) during 1992 to 1994. Because of the re-demarcation of the school district and the establishment of Ping-Hsin Junior High School, Hsin-Ming was shrunk to 1500 persons (45 classes) by years. In 1999, Principal Lin was exchanged with the principal of Long-Gung Junior High School, Fang-Sun Lee.

Principal Lee, in his term during 2002, developed the Experimental Class of English Talents. However, due to the mutation of government policy, this project was abandoned right after the graduation of students. Hsin-Ming Baseball Team won the Championship of National Teen Baseball of Pony League and the third place of Teen Baseball of Asian Pony League. Principal Lee retired in August, 2003, and Jin-Ming Dai took the position of Acting Principal until July, 2004.

Education Bureau had assigned principal of Hsin-Po Junior High School, Yi-Bin Zheng to be the new principal of Hsin-Ming Junior High School since August, 2004. Class for Talented Athletes was established in August, 2004 to recruit excellent students who specialized in baseball. Class for Special Education was organized in August, 2005. With the ground-breaking success, in 2005, Hsin-Ming Orchestra won the first place of Junior High Group in Taoyuan County, and it was on behalf of Taoyuan County to win the second place of the national competition. In the same year, Hsin-Ming Baseball Team won the Championship of National Baseball Game of Junior High School. This honor has never been earned by a team located more northern than Taichung County. In 2006, Hsin-Ming won the Championship of Taipei International Teenager Baseball Invitation Competition, the first place in qualification and the second place in the final of Taiwan-Japan International Teenager Invitation Competition.

With rich harvest of fifty-year school history of Hsin-Ming Junior High School, Hsin-Ming still needs to foster competitive and cosmopolitan citizens to accomplish the mission of education. From now on, Hsin-Ming is set up for excellent environment for study and inventive techniques of teaching to help students develop multiple abilities and make the success for all.

Hsing-Nan Junior High School

Hsing-Nan Junior High School is a Junior High School is Taoyuan County, Taiwan. The school was founded on December 22, 1960 with 2.683 hectares of land. In the spring of 1961, Mr. Hsieh Hsin-Chao, the principal of Hsin-Ming Junior High School, was in charge of all the affairs in the organization, and Mr. Wang Hui-Fu, was appointed the first principal at that year. Mr. Chang Chi-Hsiang became the second principal in 1967, followed by Mr. Chiang Te-Mao as the third principal in 1979 and Mr. Yen Shi-Wei as the fourth principal in 1986. Ms. Hung Ching-Fang succeeded as the fifth principal in 1998 and finally, Ms. Li Jui-Chi is the current principal

Jhong-Fu Elementary School

Jhong Fu Elementary School is located on Xiyuan Road, Jhongli City on a campus of 9280 square meters. Construction of the campus started in July 1997. The school began to enrol students on 1 August 1999.

Jie-Shou Junior High School

Zhongzheng Road, ZeRen Village, FuHsing Township;History The school was founded in 1966 and was the branch of TaXi Junior High School then. In 1968, the government practiced nine-year national compulsory education and changed our school into “Taoyuan County JieShou Junior High School” in remembrance of the birth of the former president Chiang Kai-shek. There have been 42 years since our school was founded. The past principals, Zhuang He-Ling, Wu Xiu-Cheng, Shi Chao, Yang Zhong-Zhu, Zheng Jin-He, Xu Qing-Fa, Xu Ming-Qin, Wang Xiu-Yu, Zeng Zhi-Hong, Jian Zheng-Chang, Jian Ru-Ji, Sun Zhi-Li, Chen Chun-Hui, Li Qing-Da, and the present principal, Wang Guan-Ming, have made efforts to promote the development of the school. With their efforts and the faculty’s expertise and enthusiasm in education, our school has made a lot of improvements. In recent years, our school puts more emphasis on creating great education, providing students with better environment, and enriching students’ junior high school life. With the endeavor, we believe our school can be more successful in the future.

Long-Gong Junior High School

This school is situated on Longdong Rd., Zhongli City, Taoyuan County. The school was founded in 1968.

Lun-Sin Junior High School

This school is located on Lunyuon Road, Jhong Li City, Taoyuan County;History In 1994, the Government provisioned the development of Long-Sing Junior High School. Following 5 years of planning and construction, the school officially opened in August of 1999, with an initial enrollment of 513 students in 13 classes. Today, the school has expanded to 42 classes, with a total of 1,488 students. Our current Principal Ms. Yu Li-Hwa began her term in 2007, and has led the school’s teachers and students to excel through a high-quality standard of education in morals, life, and literature and arts. Under her leadership, the school has met with success in multiple achievements; such as teaching the value of life through the caring of homeless dogs, and enriching our students with an understanding and respect for life; and educate our students by inspiring them to achieve their full potential and self discipline, ultimately elevating the school’s efficiency.

Sin-Wu Junior High School

This school is located on Jhongsing Rd., Sinwu Township, Taoyuan County on a campus site. ;History Sinwu Junior High School was founded in 1956. In the beginning, the school was named "Yangmei Junior High School, Sinwu Division", with only three classes. In 1957, the school was renamed "Taoyuan County Sinwu Primary High School". Mr. Hsu Ming-Chao was assigned to be the first principal. In fall of 1968, the government implemented nine-year compulsory education, and the school name was changed to "Taoyuan County Sinwu Junior High School". Afterwards, under succeeding principals' leadership, Sinwu Junior High School kept growing and developing. Now Sinwu Junior High School has a history of more than 50 years. All students and faculty members are proud to be a part of Sinwu Junior High School’s history.

Ta-Han Junior High School

This school is located at Kong Jung Road,Dashi Town, Taoyuan County on a county of 2.8931 hectares;History In 1959,the forerunner of this school, was established at the present location with 1 hectare land. In August 1964. Wei-Wo Fu thought to build school. The Branch was first led by Mr.Fu-Sen Lin as the headmaster. The approval was issued by Dept of Education, Taiwan Provincial Government. In February 1968, Ta-han became independent from Ta-Hsi junior high school. In reply to the governmental policy of implmenting the 9 Year National Education System as the extension for the existing 6 Year System. In August 1980,Wo-Chang Le served as the principal. In march 1984, Se-Lin Wang served as the principal. In March 1911, Yong-Kong Yang. served as the principal. In 1994, Le-Chen She served as the principal. In 1996,Chin-Chig Han served as the principal. In 1998, Ye-Chin Lin served as the principal. In 2001, Ting-I Tshi served as the principal.

Tzu-Chiang Junior High School

Tzu Chiang Junior High School is a Junior High School located in Jhongli City, Taoyuan County, Taiwan. The school zone covers the Zihciang Village, Huasyun Village, Singren Village, Jhongjheng Village, Jhongshan Village, Dusing Village, and such. Within the area, new communities are sprouting at the area behind the Neili train Station, and it also covers the Military dependents’ villages such as the Luguang NO.5 Residential Quarter, Jingjhong 1st Village and Zihlisincun Village. It is a popular area filled with prosperities with the businesses and industries.

Yung-An Junior High School

This school is located on Jhongshan W. Rd., Sinwu Township, Taoyuan County;History Yung-An Junior High School is located in Yung-An Village and is 1.5 kilometers away from Yung-An Fishing Port. Most residents live on agriculture、fishery or tourism with simple lifestyle. The school was originally named Kan-Tou Cuo until Chih-Jou Chou, the chairman of Taiwan Province, renamed it to Yung-An. Because of the 9-year Compulsory Education Policy, the residents endeavoured to arrange a high school. 307 students initially shared the campus with Yung-An Elementary School until Oct. 22nd, 1968. Yung-An Junior High School is getting more and more substantial thanks to the efforts from the previous presidents.

Chu-Fen Chang, the present president, took over the 12th president on Aug. 1st, 2005. Ms. Chang follows the belief of former presidents that “The functionality of Yung-An Junior High School is more important than its scale.” Not only the cultivation of the devotion to school and hometown but also the refinement of school atmosphere is what Ms. Chang leads the staff to run after.


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