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List of game show hosts

This is a list of game show hosts. A game show host is a profession involving the hosting of game shows.


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Mike Adamle United States American Gladiators (1989-96)
Joey Adams United States Back That Fact (1953)
Ogie Alcasid Philippines Game Na, Game Na! (1994-96), Family Feud (2001-03), Da Big Show (2008-present)
Robert Alda United States Personality Puzzle (1953), What's Your Bid (1953), Can Do (1956)
Archie Alemania Philippines Mysmatch (2008-present)
Ben Alexander United States Party Time at Club Roma (1950-51), About Faces (1960-61)
Steve Allen United States I've Got a Secret (1964-67)
Bree Amer Australia Friday Night Games (2006)
Morey Amsterdam United States Battle of the Ages (1952)
Bill Anderson United States The Better Sex (1977-78), Fandango (1983-89)
Clive Anderson United Kingdom Mastermind, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, If I Ruled the World
Louie Anderson United States Family Feud (1999-2002)
Eamonn Andrews United Kingdom What's My Line? (1951-62)
Kris Aquino Philippines Pilipinas, Game KNB? (2001-2007), Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal (2006-present), Wheel of Fortune (2008-present)
Bill Armstrong United States Liar's Club (1976-77)
Dave Attell United States The Gong Show with Dave Attell (2008-present)


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
David Baddiel United Kingdom The Book Quiz (2007)
Judy Bamber United States Anybody Can Play (1958)
Tony Barber Australia Family Feud, Sale of the Century (1980-91), Jeopardy! (1992), Wheel of Fortune (1996)
Bob Barker United States Truth or Consequences (1956-74), The Family Game (1967), The Price Is Right (1972-2007)
Sue Barker United Kingdom A Question of Sport (1997-present)
Chuck Barris United States The Gong Show (1976-80)
Russell 'Winky Woo' Barrow United Kingdom The Hubert Groove (1982-86)
Jack Barry United States Twenty-One (1956-58), Juvenile Jury (circa 1969-1970), Generation Gap (1969), The Joker's Wild (1972-75 & 1977-84)
Michael Barrymore United Kingdom Strike It Lucky, My Kind of Music
Jon "Bowser" Bauman United States The Pop 'N Rocker Game (1983), The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour (co-hosted with Gene Rayburn) (1982-1983), Karaoke Showcase (circa 1986-1987)
Paolo Bediones Philippines Digital LG Quiz (1999-2004), Tok! Tok! Tok! Isang Milyon Pasok (2007-present), Whammy! Push Your Luck (2007-present)
Rolf Benirschke United States Wheel of Fortune (1989)
Mark Beretta Australia The Master (2006-)
Bob Bergen United States Jep! (1998)
Tom Bergeron United States Hollywood Squares (1998-2004), '' Dancing with the Stars (2005- )
Peter Berner Australia The Einstein Factor (2005-present)
Cilla Black United Kingdom Blind Date (1985-2003)
Larry Blyden United States Personality (1967-69), You're Putting Me On (1969), The Movie Game (1969-70), What's My Line? (1972-75)
Eric Boardman United States Liar's Club (1988)
Bill Boggs United States All-Star Anything Goes (1977)
Danny Bonaduce United States Starface (2006)
Elayne Boosler United States Balderdash (2004-05)
Carlo Boszhard Netherlands Cash en Carlo (2002-2005), Staatsloterij Live!
Jim Bowen United Kingdom Bullseye
Wayne Brady United States Don't Forget the Lyrics (2007-)
Rob Brough Australia Family Feud (1989-95)
Ted Brown United States Across the Board (1959)
Karyn Bryant United States Name That Video (2001-02)
Neil Buchanan United Kingdom Finder Keepers (1991-98)
Pat Bullard Canada Love Connection (1998-1999), Card Sharks (2001)
Beethoven Bunagan a.k.a. Michael V. Philippines Ready, Txt, Go! (2002)
John Burgess Australia Wheel of Fortune, Burgo's Catch Phrase
Gordon Burns United Kingdom The Krypton Factor, A Word in Your Ear


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Jim Caldwell United States Tic Tac Dough (1985-86), Top Card (1989-91).
Nicky Campbell United Kingdom Wheel of Fortune
Al Capp United States Anyone Can Win (1953)
Drew Carey United States Whose Line Is It Anyway? (1998-2003) The Power Of 10 (2007-), The Price Is Right (2007-)
Jimmy Carr United Kingdom / United States Distraction, 8 Out of 10 Cats
Michael Carrington United States Think Fast! (1989)
Johnny Carson United States Earn Your Vacation (1954), Who Do You Trust? (1957-62)
Marion Caunter Malaysia One in a Million (2006-08)
Jimmy Cefalo United States Trump Card (1990-91)
David Celdran Philippines Battle of the Brains (1992-2000)
Danny Lee Clark United States American Gladiators (1995-96)
Dick Clark United States The Object Is (1963), The $10,000/$20,000/$25,000/$50,000/$100,000 Pyramid (1973-80, 1981 & 1982-89), The Krypton Factor (1981), The Challengers (1990-91), It Takes Two (1997), Winning Lines (2000)
Jack Clark United States 100 Grand (1963), Dealer's Choice (1974-75), The Cross-Wits (1975-80)
Magnus Clark Australia University Challenge
Bob Clayton United States Make A Face (1961-62), Concentration (1969-73)
Nick Clooney United States Money Maze (1974-75)
Dan Coffey United States Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! (1998-99)
Paul Coia United Kingdom Catchword (1988-95)
Jennifer Cole United States Sex Wars (2000-01)
Jonathan Coleman Australia, United Kingdom Have a Go, Blind Taste (1997)
Bud Collyer United States Winner Take All (1948-50), Beat the Clock (1950-61), On Your Way (1953-54), Feather Your Nest (1954-56), To Tell the Truth (1956-68), Number Please (1961)
Ray Combs United States Family Feud/The New Family Feud Challenge (1988-94)
Frank Conniff United States Are You Positive (1952)
Bert Convy United States Tattletales (1974-78 & 1982-85), Super Password (1984-89), Win, Lose or Draw (US) (1987-89)
Anderson Cooper United States The Mole (2001-2002)
Bill Cosby United States You Bet Your Life (1992-93)
Anna Coren Australia Australia's Brainiest Kid (2004)
Wayne Cox Canada Talk About (1989-90)
Leslie Crowther United Kingdom Stars in Their Eyes, The Price is Right
Larry Csonka United States American Gladiators (1990-93)
Bill Cullen United States Act It Out (1949), Winner Take All (1952), Bank on the Stars (1954), The Price Is Right (1956-65), Eye Guess (1966-69), Three on a Match (1971-74), Winning Streak (1974-75), The $25,000 Pyramid (1974-79), Pass the Buck (1978), Blockbusters (1980-82), Child's Play (1982-83), Hot Potato (1984), The Joker's Wild (1984-86)


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Ray D'Arcy Ireland 2Phat, Blackboard Jungle, Test the Nation, You're A Star
John Charles Daly United States What's My Line? (1950-67)
Doug Davidson United States The New Price Is Right-Nighttime Edition (1994-1995)
John Davidson United States Time Machine (1985), Hollywood Squares (1986-89), The $100,000 Pyramid (1990-1991)
Richard Dawson United Kingdom Masquerade Party (1974-75), Family Feud (1976-85 & 1994-95)
Christopher De Leon Philippines Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (2000-2003)
Joey De Leon Philippines Eat Bulaga
Angus Deayton United Kingdom Have I Got News For You, Bognor or Bust, Hell's Kitchen
John Deeks Australia Family Feud (1996)
Simon Deering Australia The Uplate Game Show (2005)
Les Dennis United Kingdom Family Fortunes, Classic Comeback
Roy Ward Dickson Canada Mr. and Mrs. (1963). Also The Quizz Club (1936), Fun Parade (1939), Take a Chance! (1939 radio), What d'You Know? (1953), P.M. (1953), Bonanza (1953), Turnabout (1953), Claim to Fame (1953), £1000 Word (1958), Full House (1959), Think of a Word, Abracadabra (1959), Try for Ten! (1960), Take a Chance! (1960 TV)
Hugh Downs United States Concentration (1958-65)
Al Dubois Canada Bumper Stumpers (1987-90)
Patrick Duffy United States Bingo America (2008 – pres., TV)
Jamie Durie Australia Backyard Blitz, The Block
Bil Dwyer United States Dirty Rotten Cheater (2003), Extreme Dodgeball (2004-05), I've Got a Secret (2006-present)
Bob Dyer Australia Pick a Box (1948 – 1957, radio); (1957 – 1971, TV)


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Robert Earle United States College Bowl (1962-70)
Noel Edmonds United Kingdom Come Dancing, Deal or No Deal, Juke Box Jury, Telly Addicts
Geoff Edwards United States The New Treasure Hunt (1973-77), Jackpot (1974-75 & 1989-90), Play the Percentages (1980), Starcade (1983), Chain Reaction (1985-91)
Ralph Edwards United States Truth or Consequences (1941 & 1950-52)
Bob Elliott United States The Name's the Same (1955)
Gordon Elliott United States To Tell the Truth (1990) It's Your Chance of a Lifetime (2000)
Rob Elliott Australia Wheel of Fortune
Graham Elwood United States Cram (2003-04)
Ron Ely United States Face the Music (1980-1982)
Larry Emdur Australia The Price Is Right, Cash Bonanza, Family Double Dare, The Main Event, Wheel of Fortune
Dick Enberg United States The Perfect Match (1967), Sports Challenge (1971-73), Baffle/All-Star Baffle (1973-74), 3 for the Money (1975)
Bob Eubanks United States The Newlywed Game (1966-74, 1977-80, 1985-89 & 1998-2000), Rhyme and Reason (1975-76), Trivia Trap (1984-85), Card Sharks (1986-89)
Wesley Eure United States Finders Keepers (1987-88)
Greg Evans Australia Perfect Match, Crossfire
Huw Evans Australia Mastermind, Mastermind (UK)


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Clifton Fadiman United States The Name's the Same (1955)
Joey Fatone United States The Singing Bee (2007 to present)
George Fenneman United States Anybody Can Play (1958)
Tim Ferguson Australia Don't Forget Your Toothbrush
Pat Finn United States The Joker's Wild (1990-91), Shop 'Til You Drop (1991-2003), The Big Spin (1999-2004)
Ryan Fitzgerald Australia Friday Night Games (2006)
Greg Fitzsimmons United States Idiot Savants (1996-97)
Art Fleming United States Jeopardy!/The All New Jeopardy! (1964-75 & 1978-79)
Kirk Fogg United States Legends of the Hidden Temple (1993-95)
Sofie Formica Australia Now You See It
Bruce Forsyth United Kingdom The Generation Game, The Price is Right, Play Your Cards Right, Bruce Forsyth's Hot Streak, Didn't They Do Well, Strictly Come Dancing
Jeff Foxworthy United States Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?
Cornelia Frances Australia The Weakest Link
Stewart Francis Canada You Bet Your Ass
Zoe French United Kingdom Bikini Beach
Sonny Friendly United States muppet host of several improptu travelling game shows on Sesame Street, performed originally by Richard Hunt, now performed by Joey Mazzarino.
Stephen Fry United Kingdom QI


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Eden Gaha Australia Vidiot (1991-93)
Joe Garagiola United States Sale of the Century (1971-73), To Tell The Truth (1977), Strike It Rich (1986)
Ralph Garman United States The Joe Schmo Show (2003), Joe Schmo 2 (2004)
Buboy Garovillo Philippines Islands Gamemasters (1990-92)
Janno Gibbs Philippines Kakasa Ka Ba Sa Grade 5? (2007-present)
Bamber Gascoigne United Kingdom University Challenge, Connoisseur
Bob Goen United States Perfect Match (1986), Blackout (1988), Wheel of Fortune (1989-91), That's the Question (2006)
Mike Goldman Australia Big Brother Up-Late, Friday Night Games (2006)
Panjee Gonzales Philippines Game Na, Game Na! (1994-96)
Mark Goodman United States Illinois' Instant Riches (1994-98), Illinois' Luckiest (1998-2000)
Mark-Paul Gosselaar United States Brains & Brawn (1993)
Ray Goulding United States The Name's the Same (1955)
Ben Grauer United States Americana/Ben Grauer's Americana Quiz (1947-49), Look Ma, I'm Acting/Act It Out/Say It with Acting (1949-50 & 1951), What Happened? (1952)
Barry Gray United States Winner Take All (1951)
George Gray United States Extreme Gong (1998), The Weakest Link (2002-2003)
Jack Gregson United States Auction-Aire (1949-50)
Rob Guest Australian Man O Man (1994)
Mohan "Mo Twister" Gumatay Philippines Kabarkada, Break the Bank (2007-present)


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Monty Hall Canada Video Village/Video Village Junior (1961-62), Let's Make a Deal (1963-76, 1980, 1984-85 & 1990-91), It's Anybody's Guess (1977), Beat the Clock (1979-80), Split Second (1986-87)
Alan Hamel Canada The Anniversary Game (1969-70)
David Hamilton United Kingdom All Clued Up
Nick Hancock United Kingdom They Think It's All Over
Chris Hardwick United States Trashed (1994), Singled Out (1995-98)
Jason Harris United States Double Dare 2000 (2000-2001)
Moss Hart United States Answer Yes or No (1950)
Andrew Harwood Australia It's Academic
Julie Hayek United States Break the Bank (1985-86)
Peter Lind Hayes United States Alumni Fun (1964, 1965 & 1966)
Richard Hayes United States Play Your Hunch (1962), The Baby Game (1968), Name That Tune (1970-71), All About Faces (1971-72)
Paul Hendy United Kingdom Wheel of Fortune
Adam Hills Australia Spicks and Specks (2005-present)
Hulk Hogan United States American Gladiator (2007-Present)
Bob Holness United Kingdom Blockbusters, Call My Bluff, Raise the Roof
John Humphrys United Kingdom Mastermind


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Arnell Ignacio Philippines GoBingo (1996-1998, 2008-present), Golympics (1998-1999), K! The P1 Million Videoke Challenge (2002-2005), Now Na! (2006-2007)


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Art James United States Say When! (1961-65), Fractured Phrases (1965), Matches 'N Mates (1967-68), Temptation (1967-68), Pay Cards! (1968-69, 1981-82), It's Academic (1969-71), The Who, What, or Where Game (1969-74), The Magnificent Marble Machine (1975-76), Blank Check (1975), Catch Phrase (1985)
Dennis James United States Cash and Carry (1946-47), The Name's the Same (1954-55), High Finance (1956), The Price Is Right (nighttime) (1972-79), Name That Tune (1974-75)
Günther Jauch Germany Wer wird Millionär?
Danny Javier Philippines Islands Gamemasters (1990-92)
Soo Kui Jien Malaysia Malaysian Idol (2004-05)
Tom Jennings Australia Double Dare
Penn Jillette United States Identity (2006-2007)
Jaymee Joaquin Philippines Games Uplate Live (2006-present)
Tony Johnston Australia My Generation, Time Masters, Wipeout
Charlie Jones United States Almost Anything Goes (1975-76), Pro-Fan (1977)
Kimberley Joseph Australia Gladiators
Elaine Joyce United States The All-New Dating Game (1986-88)


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Richard Karn United States Family Feud (2002-06)
Jack Kelly United States Sale of the Century (1969-71)
Graham Kennedy Australia Blankety Blanks
Lisa Kennedy United States Friend or Foe? (2002-04)
Tom Kennedy United States Big Game (1958), You Don't Say (1963-69, 1975 & 1978), Split Second (1972-75), Break the Bank (1976), $50,000 Grand Slam (1976), Name That Tune/The $100,000 Name That Tune (1974-80), Whew!/Celebrity Whew! (1979-80), Password Plus (1980-82), Body Language (1984-86), The Price Is Right (1985-86)
Kerri-Anne Kennerley Australia Greed (2000)
Phil Keoghan United States The Amazing Race (2001-present)
Pat Kiernan United States Studio 7 (2004), World Series of Pop Culture (2006-present)
Walter Kiernan United States Sparring Partners with Walter Kiernan (1949), What's the Story (1951-53), Who Said That? (1951-54), Who's the Boss? (1954)
Gretel Killeen Australia Big Brother (2001-present)
John Reed King United States Battle of the Ages (1952)
Ernie Kovacs United States Take a Good Look (1959-61)


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Skip Lackey United States Think Fast (1990)
Mark Lamarr United Kingdom Never Mind the Buzzcocks
Pierre Lalonde Canada The Mad Dash
Dylan Lane United States Chain Reaction (2006-present)
Jim Lange United States The Dating Game/The New Dating Game (1965-74 & 1977-80), Spin-Off (1975), Give-n-Take (1975), Bullseye (1980-82), The $100,000 Name That Tune (1984-85), The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime (1986-87)
John Lapus Philippines Blind Item (2006)
Mort Lawrence United States The Big Payoff (1955-57)
Vicki Lawrence United States Win, Lose or Draw (1987-89)
Greg Lee United States Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (1991-96)
John Leslie United Kingdom Wheel of Fortune, Scavengers
Robert Q. Lewis United States The Name's the Same (1951-54), Make Me Laugh (1958)
Bill Leyden United States Musical Chairs (1955), It Could Be You (1956-61), Your First Impression (1962-64), Call My Bluff (1965), Let's Face It (1967). You're Putting Me On (1969)
Girts Licis Latvia The Best Friends (1998-99), Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (2007-08)
Li Yong People's Republic of China Lucky 52, Super 6+1, Chinese Dream
Traipop Limprapat Thailand Plic Lock, Lab Cha Por Khon Ruu Jai [Secret Only Lovely One], Koo Ruk [Lovely Couple], Game Set Tee [Millionaire Game]
Art Linkletter United States Life With Linkletter (1950-52 & 1969-70), Art Linkletter's House Party/The Linkletter Show (1952-69), People Are Funny (1954-61), The Art Linkletter Show (1963)
Jack Linkletter United States Haggis Baggis (1958), The Rebus Game (1965)
Mario López United States Masters of the Maze (1995)
Allen Ludden United States G.E. College Bowl (1959-62), Password/ Password Allstars/Password Plus (1961-69, 1971-75 & 1979-80 ), Win With the Stars (1968-69), The Joker's Wild (1969, unaired pilot), Stumpers (1976), Liar's Club (1977)
Desmond Lynam United Kingdom Countdown (2005-2006)


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Magnus Magnusson United Kingdom Mastermind
Lisa Malowsky United States American Gladiators (1993-95)
Howie Mandel United States Deal or No Deal (2005-present)
Edu Manzano Philippines Love Bites (1997-1998), Weakest Link (2001-2002), Pilipinas, Game KNB? (2007-present), 1 vs. 100 (2007-present)
Hal March United States The $64,000 Question (1955-58), What's It For? (1957-58), It's Your Bet (1969-70)
Peter Marshall United States Hollywood Squares (1966-82), The Storybook Squares (1969), All Star Blitz (1985), Yahtzee (1988), The Reel-To-Reel Picture Show (1998)
Dick Martin United States The Cheap Show (1978), Mindreaders (1979-80)
Wink Martindale United States What's This Song? (1964-65), Can You Top This? (1970), Words and Music (1970-71), Gambit/Las Vegas Gambit (1972-78 & 1980-81), The New Tic Tac Dough/Tic Tac Dough (1978-86), Headline Chasers (1985-86), The New High Rollers (1987-88), Great Getaway Game (1990-91), Trivial Pursuit (1993-95), Boggle (1994), Shuffle (1994), Debt (1996-98)
Groucho Marx United States You Bet Your Life (1950-61), Tell It to Groucho (1962)
Kenny Mayne United States 2 Minute Drill (2000-01)
John K. M. McCaffery United States Alumni Fun (1963)
Davina McCall United Kingdom Big Brother (2000-present), Oblivious, The Vault
Fiona McDonald Australia It's a Knockout
Ian McFadyen Australia Cluedo (1992)
Eddie McGuire Australia and New Zealand Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (1999-2006)
Todd McKenney Australia You May Be Right (2006-)
Ed McMahon United States Snap Judgment (1967-69), Concentration (1969)
Scott McRae Australia Vidiot (1994), Now You See It, Download
Mike Meade Australia Now You See It
Penelope Menchaca Mexico 12 Corazones
Eddie Mercado Philippines Play N' Win (1991-1993)
Randy Merriman United States The Big Payoff (1951-53)
Olivier Minne Belgium La Cible (2003-06)
Hani Mohsin Malaysia Roda Impian (2002-06)
Bob Monkhouse United Kingdom Celebrity Squares, Bob's Full House, Family Fortunes, The $64,000 Question, Wipeout, Opportunity Knocks, Bob's Your Uncle, Gagtag, The Golden Shot, Monkhouse's Memory Masters
Cesar Montano Philippines The Singing Bee (2008-present)
Derek Mooney Ireland Cabin Fever (TV Show), Gridlock, Winning Streak
Phil Moore United States Nick Arcade (1992-93)
Don Morrow United States Camouflage (1961-62), Let's Play Post Office (1965-66)
Robb Edward Morris United States Make The Grade (1990-91)
Ben Mulroney Canada Canadian Idol
Jan Murray United States Charge Account


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Marie-Ange Nardi France La Cible (2006-present)
Jack Narz United States The Price Is Right (1957-58), Dotto (1958), Top Dollar (1958-59), Video Village (1960-61), Seven Keys (1961-64), I'll Bet (1965), Beat The Clock (1969-72), Concentration (1973-79), Now You See It (1974-75)
Jimmy Nelson United States Bank on the Stars (1954)
Bert Newton Australia New Faces, Superquiz, Bert's Family Feud (2006)
Todd Newton United States Hollywood Showdown (1999-2001), Whammy!/ The All New Press Your Luck (2002-03)
Panya Nirunkul Thailand Plic Lock (1983-1989), Way Tee Thong [Golden Stage] (1989), Ching Roi Ching Lan [Challenge for 100 and Million] (1990-present), Game Kae Jhon [Poor Cure Game] (1998-2004), Fan Pan Tae [Real Fan] (2000-present), Tod Sa Gun Game [Who's That] (2003-present), Tod Sa Gun Kids Game [Who's That The Kids] (2004-present), Black Box (2005-present), One Night Genius (2006-2007)


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Richard O'Brien United Kingdom The Crystal Maze (1990-93)
Kevin O'Connell United States Go (1983-84)
Brian O'Connor United States Rumor Has It (1993)
Des O'Connor United Kingdom Countdown (2007-present)
John O'Hurley United States To Tell The Truth (2000-02), Family Feud (2006-present)
Andrew O'Keefe Australia Deal or No Deal (2004-present)
Dermot O'Leary United Kingdom 1 vs. 100 (2007-present)
Mike O'Malley United States Get the Picture (1991-93), Guts/Global Guts/Nickelodeon GUTS (1992-95)
James O'Neill Australia Hot Streak
Ken Ober United States Remote Control (1988-91), Make Me Laugh, Smush
Steve Oemcke Australia Wheel of Fortune
Daniel Ong Singapore Singapore Idol (2006)
Donny Osmond United States Pyramid (2002-04)
Gary Owens United States Letters to Laugh-In (1969), The Gong Show (1976-77)


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Jack Paar United States Up to Paar (1952), Bank on the Stars (1953)
Rustom Padilla Philippines Wheel of Fortune (2001-02)
Robert Paige United States The Big Payoff (1957-59)
Katesepsawasdi Palakawong Na Ayudhaya Thailand Game Wad Duang [Lucky Game] (2003-Present), The Vote (2005), Ruu Jing Pa [Truly Know?] (2006-present)
Adrian Pang Singapore Deal or No Deal (2007–present)
Benjie Paras Philippines Win Win Win (2007-present)
Jim Paredes Philippines Islands Gamemasters (1990-92)
Bert Parks United States Balance Your Budget (1952-53), The Big Payoff (1953-55)
Roderick Paulate Philippines Game Na, Game Na! (1994-96)
Jeremy Paxman United Kingdom University Challenge
Mel Peachey United States Playmania
Ron Pearson United States Shopping Spree (1996-98)
Jim Peck United States The Big Showdown (1974-75), The Hot Seat (1976), Second Chance (1977), You Don't Say! (1978-79), Three's A Crowd (1979-80), The Joker's Wild (1981-86 as sub-host)
Aaron Pedersen Australia Gladiators
Jim Perry Canada and United States Headline Hunters (1972-83), Definition (1975-89), Card Sharks (1978-81), Sale of the Century (1983-89)
Regis Philbin United States The Neighbors (1975-76), Almost Anything Goes (1976), Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (1999-2002), Million Dollar Password (2008)
Ed Phillips Australia Temptation (2005-present), Battle of the Sexes, Pot of Gold
Jeff Phillips Australia My Generation
Pepe Pimentel Philippines Family Kuwarta O Kahon (1963-2000)
Michael Pope Australia Blockbusters
Maury Povich United States Twenty-One (2000)
Johnathan Prince United States The Quiz Kids Challenge (1990)
Jeff Probst United States Rock & Roll Jeopardy! (1998-2000), Survivor (2000-present)
Sarah Purcell United States The Better Sex (1977-78)


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Allan Quilantang a.k.a. Allan K. Philippines All-Star K! (2006-present), Weakest Link (2002-2003), Sing Galing (1999-2004)
Rufa Mae Quinto Philippines Whammy! Push Your Luck (2007-present)


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Bill Rafferty United States Every Second Counts (1984), Card Sharks (1986-87), Blockbusters (1987)
Jaya Ramsey Philippines All-Star K! (2006-present)
Ahmad Rashad United States Caesar's Challenge (1993-94)
Luis Raul Puerto Rico Pa' Que Te Lo Goces (2006)
Robin Ray United Kingdom Call My Bluff
Tanika Ray as "(Cyber) Lucy" United States Wheel of Fortune 2000 (1997-98)
Gene Rayburn United States Match Game (1962-69), The Amateur's Guide to Love (1972), Match Game '73-Match Game '79/Match Game PM (1973-82), The Match Game–Hollywood Squares Hour (co-hosted with Jon "Bowser" Bauman) (1982-83), Break the Bank (1985)
Michael Reagan United States Lingo (1987)
Toby Reed United States Top Dollar (1958)
Simon Reeve Australia Quiz Master, It's Academic (2006)
Mike Reilly United States Monopoly (1990)
Willie Revillame Philippines Puso O Pera (2004), Wowowee (2005-present)
Brian Rhee Korea Quiz Champion (2001-2005)
Alfonso Ribeiro United States Catch 21 (2008 – present)
Glenn Ridge Australia Sale of the Century (1991-2001)
Bobby Rivers United States Bedroom Buddies (1992)
Sandy Roberts Australia Million Dollar Chance of a Lifetime
Anne Robinson United Kingdom and United States The Weakest Link (2000-02, USA, 2000-present, UK), Test the Nation
Robert Robinson United Kingdom Call My Bluff, Ask the Family
Ruby Rodriguez Philippines Play N' Win (1991-1993)
Joe Rogan United States Fear Factor (2001-2006)
Ian Rogerson Australia All Star Squares, Have A Go
J. D. Roth United States Fun House (1988-91), Masters of the Maze (1994), Animal Planet Zooventure (1997), Sex Wars (2000-01), Endurance (TV series) (2002-present), Unan1mous (2006)
David Ruprecht United States Supermarket Sweep (1990-98, 1999-2004)


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Peter Sagal United States Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! (1999-present)
Bob Saget United States 1 vs. 100 (2006-present)
Pat Sajak United States Wheel of Fortune (1981-present)
Summer Sanders United States Figure It Out (1997-99)
Maria Sansone United States Gladiators 2000 (1994-96)
Kanit Sarasin Thailand 4 Tor 4 Family Games [Family Feud] (2001-2007), Yud We La [Stop the Clock] (2002-2004), Lek Maha Sombud [Treasure Number] (2004-2005), Khun Jum Nean [Mr. Remember] (2005-2006), Cheur Mai Cheur [Believe or Not?] (2005), Da Ra Mahachon [Popular Stars] (2006), Tha Khun Nae Yaa Pare Por 4 [If You Dare, Don't Lose a 4 grader!] (2007)
Lew Schneider United States Make the Grade (1989-90)
Stuart Scott United States Stump the Schwab (2004 to present)
Vin Scully United States It Takes Two (1969-70)
Ryan Seacrest United States Gladiators 2000 (1994-96), Wild Animal Games (1995-96), Click (1997-99), American Idol (2002-present)
Rod Serling United States Liar's Club (1969)
Lynn Shackleford United States Almost Anything Goes (1975-76)
Ross Shafer United States Match Game (1990-91)
William Shatner United States Show Me the Money (2006)
Ned Sherrin United States We Interrupt This Week (1978)
Kevin Shinick United States Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego (1996-98)
Herb Shriner United States Two for the Money (1952-56)
Wil Shriner United States That's My Dog (1993-94), Small Talk (1996-97)
David Sidoni United States Wheel of Fortune 2000 (1997-98)
Ernie Sigley Australia Wheel of Fortune
Steve Skrovan United States That's My Dog (1991-92)
Guy Smiley United States Muppet host of countless game show spoofs on Sesame Street, such as "What's My Part", "Here Is Your Life", "Beat The Time", etc., performed by Jim Henson
Billy J. Smith Australia It's a Knockout
Jack Smith United States Place the Face (1953)
Peter Snow United Kingdom Mastermind
Daryl Somers Australia Blankety Blanks, Family Feud, Dancing with the Stars
Son Jung-min Korea Quiz Champion (2001-2005)
Hal Sparks United States Treasure Mall
Ben Stein United States Win Ben Stein's Money (1997-2003)
Bill Stern United States Remember This Date (1950-51), Are You Positive (1952)
Dougal Stevenson Australia and New Zealand The Krypton Factor
William G. Stewart United Kingdom Fifteen to One
Sandra Sully Australia Australia's Brainiest Kid (2005-present)
Marc Summers United States Double Dare/Super Sloppy Double Dare (1986-88), Couch Potatoes (1989), What Would You Do? (1991-93), History IQ (2000), WinTuition (2002-04)
Red Symons Australia Shafted


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Elithe Tan Philippines Bihasa: Bibilya Hamon Sa'yo (2007-present)
Chris Tarrant United Kingdom Cluedo, Everybody's Equal, Man O Man, Lose a Million, The Main Event, Pop Quiz, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?, Spelling Bee
Alan Thicke Canada Face the Music (1970s), Animal Crack-Ups (1980s), Pictionary (1990s), All New 3s A Crowd (2000s)
Larry Toffler United States Finders Keepers (1988)
Regine Tolentino Philippines Digital LG Quiz (1999-2002)
Peter Tomarken United States Hit Man (1983), Press Your Luck (1983-86), Bargain Hunters (1987), Wipeout (1988-89), Paranoia (2000)
Fred Travalena United States Anything for Money (1984-85)
Alex Trebek Canada High Rollers (1974-76 & 1978-80), Double Dare (1976-77), The $128,000 Question (1977-78), Pitfall (1981-82), Battlestars (1981-82 & 1983), Jeopardy!/Super Jeopardy! (1984-present), Classic Concentration (1987-94), To Tell the Truth (1991)
Ed Tudor-Pole United Kingdom The Crystal Maze (1993-95)
Ian Turpie Australia The Price Is Right, Press Your Luck, Supermarket Sweep


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Ariel Ureta Philippines Go For It! (1997-98)


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Bobby Van United States Showoffs (1975), The Fun Factory (1976), Make Me Laugh (1979-80)
Meredith Vieira United States Who Wants To Be a Millionaire (2002-present)
Iya Villania Philippines Mysmatch (2008-present)
Carol Vorderman United Kingdom Countdown (1982-present)


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Adam Wade United States Musical Chairs (1975)
Mark L. Walberg United States Russian Roulette (2002-2003), On the Cover (2004-2005), The Moment of Truth (2008 - Present)
Mal Walden Australia Jeopardy
Roy Walker United Kingdom Catchphrase (game show)
Mike Wallace United States Majority Rules (1949-50), Guess Again (1951), Who's the Boss (1954), The Big Surprise (1956-57), Who Pays? (1959)
Pamela Wallin Canada Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
Bradley Walsh United Kingdom The Midas Touch, Wheel of Fortune
Robin Ward Canada and United States To Tell the Truth (1980-1981)
Kirsty Wark United Kingdom The Book Quiz (2008)
Frank Warwick Australia Million Dollar Chance of a Lifetime
Betty White United States Just Men! (1983)
Richard Whiteley United Kingdom Countdown
Mike Whitney Australia Gladiators, Who Dares Wins
Dick Whittington United States Almost Anything Goes (1975)
Dennis Wholey United States Generation Gap (1969)
Richard Wilkins Australia Keynotes (1992-93)
Gene Wood United States Beat the Clock (1969-75)
Chuck Woolery United States Wheel of Fortune (1975-81), Love Connection (1983-95), Scrabble (1984-90 & 1993), The Dating Game (1997-2000), Greed (1999-2000), Lingo (2002-present)
Allan Wu Singapore The Amazing Race Asia (2006-present)


Host Country Game show(s) hosted
Tania Zaetta Australia Who Dares Wins
Dawn Zulueta Philippines The Price is Right (2001-2003)

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