Battle Arena Toshinden 3

Battle Arena Toshinden 3 for PlayStation is a 3D weapons-based fighting game and sequel of Battle Arena Toshinden 2.

Toshinden 3 is the first of the main series not to be ported to other platforms. It is also the only game in the series that has gameplay differences between the Japanese version and subsequent US and European releases, as the US and European versions feature two new gameplay modes; Practice and Survival.

Whereas Toshinden 2 was largely built upon the first game, Toshinden 3 radically changes the series' gameplay. Most notably the arenas are now enclosed, allowing players to launch opponents into the walls and ceilings in order to juggle them with further attacks. The controls are now considerably faster, smoother and more responsive and the combo system has also been reworked, with every character possessing a preset list of combos.

As well as the 14 starting fighters, the game also adds a huge 18 unlockable fighters bringing the total to 32, though most of them are largely mirror images of the original 14's fighting styles.


Unknown to the participants, while the previous "tournament" was occurring, they were being watched by another sinister group simply known as the "Organization".

The Organization intended to summon their dark god to earth in order to wreak havoc.

In order to do this they needed a purehearted boy to use as a vessel and the blood of strong fighters.

For the former they targeted a boy named David.

For the latter, they chose the Toshinden fighters. The Organization trained assassins in the Toshinden fighters' fighting styles. Led by their leader Abel, they went out to try and capture the Toshinden fighters.


Initially Playable Characters

  • Eiji Shinjo
  • Kayin Amoh
  • Sofia
  • Rungo Iron
  • Bayhou
  • Mondo
  • Duke B. Rambert
  • Ellis
  • Gaia
  • Chaos
  • Tracy
  • David
  • Shizuku Fuji
  • Nagisa Iwashiro

Unlockable Characters

  • Leon
  • Ten Count
  • Zola
  • Adam
  • Cuiling
  • Toujin
  • Balga
  • Atahua
  • Tau
  • Schultz
  • Rachael
  • Judgement
  • Miss Til
  • Vermilion

Bosses And Hidden Characters

  • Sho Shinjo
  • Abel
  • Veil
  • Naru Amoh

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