Purcell Mountains

Purcell Mountains

The Purcell Mountains are a mountain range in British Columbia, Canada. They are a subrange of the Columbia Mountains, which includes the Selkirk Mountains and the Monashee Mountains. They are located on the west side of the Rocky Mountain Trench in the area of the Columbia Valley, and on the east side of the valley of Kootenay Lake and the Duncan River. The only large settlement in the mountains is the Panorama Ski Resort, although a large destination resort at Jumbo Mountain is currently in the proposal stage.

The Purcells are known as the Percell Mountains in the United States, where their southern limit protrudes into the states of Idaho and Montana, abutting Lake Koocanusa, a reservoir on the Kootenai River. American geographic classifications consider the Percells to be part of the Rocky Mountains but in Canada that terminology is reserved for ranges on the east side of the Rocky Mountain Trench.

The movie Alaska (1996) was filmed in Vancouver and the Purcell Mountains.


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