Sasha Montenegro

Sasha Montenegro (born in Montenegro, a province of the SFR Yugoslavia in 1950) is a Mexican actress.

Born Aleksandra Aćimović Popović (Cyrillic: Александра Аћимовић Поповић), she moved as a child with her parents to Argentina before relocating to Mexico. She became an actress in the 1970s and made several lucha libre movies, some of them with superstar El Santo. In the 1980s and early 90s she obtained roles in several sexicomedias films, where she wore little or no clothing, making her one of the Sexiest Actresses of the time, when she also made these types of Films in the 1970s. She also participated in four telenovelas, last one with a starring role (Una mujer marcada, "A tainted woman") in 1979. In the 1970s she maintained a relationship with then President of Mexico, José López Portillo who was still married. López Portillo obtained a divorce and then married Montenegro in 1995. It is said that she exerted gender violence against her husband. She accepts only that she slapped his face once. She had two children with him. In the last years of the ex-president, Montenegro battled with López Portillo for access to him and his fortune. On several occasions she was limited visits to her husband in the hospital by his children from the previous marriage. López Portillo paid for legal counseling for his wife to ensure that she would be given what she deserved after his death. As of 2006 legal battles for his assets still continue. In recent years Sasha has returned to Films, with her working recently in The End of Silence, which is a Canadian independent film.



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