Mexican hip hop

Mexican rap refers to a hip hop movement started in Mexico in the early 1990s. In different cities, there were different groups, a lot of them claiming to be "the true pioneers". The Underground scene then spread throughout Mexico, with Latin rap influence The Underground scene has spread throughout Mexico, with Latin rap influences such as Kid Frost (East LA). Later the movement was invigorated by the influence of US-Latin acts such as Tha Mexakinz (from Long Beach), Cypress Hill (South Central LA) Mellow Man Ace and Delinquent Habits (LA).

The popularity of these US-based acts, Cypress Hill in particular, led to the emergence in the mid-1990s of crossover (rap-rock) acts such as Control Machete and Molotov.

More than 10 years after the appearance of the first rap act, the Mexican scene remains almost undiscovered by the mainstream, but it is beginning to emerge. Instead, there is a large and well-distributed underground movement.

Some Mexican underground groups, categorized by geographical regions:

Central and South Side:

North-West Side:

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