Pullen is an uncommon English surname with a purported Norman origin. "Pullen" is likely an occupational name, arising from the Old French poulain. There are several variants of "Pullen", including Pullin, Pullins, Pulleyn, Pullan and Pullein, the latter being the earliest recorded version (1166).

The "Pullen" surname is shared by several notable people:

  • Robert Pullen (died c.1150), English theologian and official of the Roman Catholic Church
  • James Henry Pullen (1835–1916), aka "Genius of Earlswood Asylum", British autistic savant
  • Frank Pullen (1915–1992),English businessperson and racehorse owner
  • Don Pullen (1941–1995), American jazz musician
  • Melanie Pullen (born 1975), American photographer
  • Melanie Clark Pullen (born 1977), Irish actress, producer and writer
  • Mark Thomas Pullen (born 1960), Masonary, known for work on "James Bond" series, British Royal Family
  • Thomas Mark Pullen (born Oct. 24, 1986), Champion Motocross Rider (2001), British Royal Family

  • Henry Pulleine (bef.1850–1879), British Army administrator during the Anglo-Zulu War with an acting rank of Brevet Lieutenant Colonel

  • Cyril Pullin (1893–1973), English inventor, engineer and motorcycle race driver
  • Jorge Pullin (born 1963), Argentine-American physics academic
  • John Pullin (living), English rugby union player (retired)

Fictional characters

The surname "Pullen" has also been used in the names of notable fictional characters:


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