Pulled pork

Pulled pork


Pulled pork is a form of barbecue. It is a method of preparation in which pork, usually shoulder cut (sometimes referred to as Boston butt) or mixed cuts, is cooked using a low-heat, long-cook method. With these extended times at low temperatures, the meat becomes tender enough that its weakened connective tissue allows the meat to be "pulled", or easily broken into individual pieces. Pulled pork is found around the world in a variety of forms.


The preparation of pulled pork differs both in region and in methodology. In areas such as Tennessee, pulled pork is typically made from a mix of the blade shoulder and arm shoulder meat and served with a tomato-based barbecue sauce. In areas such as North Carolina, both mixed cuts of the hog and shoulder alone are commonly used, and the pork is served with a vinegar-based sauce or no sauce.

In the United States, pulled pork is commonly slow-cooked by a smoking method, though a non-barbecue method might also be employed using a slow cooker. Pulled pork is most commonly served on a sliced bun as a sandwich or by itself. Porchetta is an Italian variation of pulled pork commonly made using herbs and large amounts of salt.

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