Puka may refer to:

  • Puka (tree), a tree native to New Zealand
  • Puka, Estonia, the boroughtown and rural municipality in Estonia
  • Puka, Albania, also Pukë, a city in northern Albania
  • Puka shell, a popular Hawaiian jewelry
  • a village in Estonia
  • Pucca, a South Korean animated series
  • Puka, a nickname given to a Pikachu that possesses the ability to sense the ocean waves
  • Pukka, a phrase famously used by British tv personality, celebrity cook and healthy food activist Jamie Oliver.

See also

  • Puka Puka
  • The word "pooka" appears in the American play by Mary Chase, Harvey. It is used to describe the large invisible rabbit named Harvey who can only be seen by the main character of that play

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