Tuoba Chuo

Tuoba Chuo (拓跋綽; pinyin: Tuòbá Chuò) (?-293), chieftain of the Tuoba 286-293. He was the son of Tuoba Liwei, brother of Tuoba Shamohan, Tuoba Xilu, Tuoba Luguan. In 286 he succeeded his brother Tuoba Xilu as chieftain of the Tuoba. 293 , Yuwen chieftain Yuwen Mohuai is killed by his younger brother Yuwen Pubo, who usurps the position as chieftain of the Yuwen. Tuoba Chuo married his daughter to Yuwen Pubo's son Yuwen Qiubuqin. In the same year Tuoba Chuo dies, his nephew Tuoba Fu, son of his brother Tuoba Shamohan, succeeded him as chieftain of the Tuoba.

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