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A pub crawl (sometimes called a bar tour, bar crawl or bar-hopping) is the act of one or more people drinking in multiple pubs in a single night, normally walking to each one between drinking.


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term (including variations like "gin crawl" and "beer crawl") has been in use since the late 19th century.

Many European cities have public pub crawls that act as social gatherings for the local expat communities and tourists. These pub crawls focus on the social aspect of meeting new friends and being introduced to new bars in a strange city. Examples of these include the MADride Pub Crawl in Madrid, the FunkyParis pub crawl in Paris, the official Prague Pub Crawl in Prague, the Berlin pub crawl, the FunkyRiviera pub crawls in Nice and Cannes, The Colosseum Pub Crawl in Rome, the 100% pub crawl in Florence , the Budapest Pub Crawl called AllNightCrash., with its ruin-pubs and underground open-air clubs, and the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl, which is themed around the haunts of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and Brendan Behan. Professional actors lead the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl and perform spirited selections from the works of Irish writers. Smaller sized gatherings for pub crawls are also growing in popularity in the United States in which nationalities participate. The city that held the Guinness World Record for the largest pub crawl ever held was London, England (2,278 people) in an event organised by Tim The Tourman.

As well, many cities in the United States have had pub crawls in recent years. In the greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, thousands of people have attended the Wolski's Pub Crawl, the Bay View Pub Crawl, and the zombie pub crawls. The Rich and Bennett Annual St. Patricks Day Pub Crawl in Charlotte, NC claims to be host to the largest Pub Crawl in the World. The annual event was host to 3,581 crawlers on Saturday March 15th 2008. San Diego held 3 annual "Stay Classy" pub crawls in which the proceeds go to charity. The event grew in popularity so fast, that the old format had to be changed for 2008 to a "Jam"

Another type is a Santa Claus crawl, which occurs in the days before the Christmas season. In Wollongong, Australia, for example, young men have organized such a charity event each December for the past 13 years to raise donations of children's toys for local charities. It is the longest-running such event in the world, with more than 900 participants, resulting in the taverns and roads being thronged with people in Santa Claus costumes.


There are also some pub crawls which attract many participants each weekend. The Glasgow Subway "sub crawl" requires participants to drink from a pub near each of the stations on the circular route. The Circle Line Pub Crawl is a similar event involving London's Circle Line. It attracts expatriate New Zealanders on Waitangi Day. A Monopoly Pub Crawl, involves the participants visiting the nearest pub to each stop on the London Monopoly Board.

Pub Crawls need not be officially organized events. Pub Crawls, such as the Louisville, KY "Bambi Walk", can be undertaken by friends when the desire strikes. According to Stuff, the "Bambi Walk" has been crawled, unorganized, since the 1980s.

Pub Crawling has become a popular tourism category, with many UK tour operators offering weekend pub crawls to former Eastern Block countries, and Australian touring company Thirsty Swagman offering a round-the-world pub crawl tour.


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