Oxford, Provisions of

(1258) Plan of reform accepted by Henry III of England. On the verge of bankruptcy, Henry asked Parliament for a grant of revenue and agreed in return to a program of reform drafted by a royal commission. Regarded as England's first written constitution, the Provisions placed the government under the direction of the king and a 15-member baronial council, provided for Parliament to meet three times a year, and reformed local administration. They were annulled by the Dictum of Kenilworth (1266).

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Provisions, Fiction and Gear is the third album and major label debut by the American alternative rock band MOTH.

Track listing

  1. I See Sound -3:10
  2. Thinkin' Please -3:36
  3. Hearing Things -3:17
  4. Burning Down My Sanity -4:08
  5. Last Night's Dream -3:31
  6. Leftovers -3:17
  7. Lovers' Quarrel -4:03
  8. Cocaine Star -2:39
  9. Plastics Campaign -3:18
  10. Sleepy -3:48
  11. Straight Line -4:42
  12. Not Really -3:20


  • Brad Stenz - vocals, guitar
  • Bob Gayol - guitar
  • Theodore Liscinski - bass
  • Atom Willard - drums

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