prosper meniere

Prosper Ménière

Prosper Ménière (June 18, 1799February 7, 1862), born in Angers, France. Ménière was lycée and university educated where he excelled at humanities and classics. He completed his gold medal in medical studies at Hôtel-Dieu de Paris in 1826, and his M.D. in 1828 where he then assisted Guillaume Dupuytren.

Ménière was originally set to be a assistant professor in faculty, but political tensions disturbed his professorship and was sent to control the spread of cholera. He received a legion of honor for his work, but never gained professorship. After securing the position of physician-in-chief at the Institute for deaf-mutes, he focused on the diseases of the ear.

Ménière's studies at the deaf-mute institute helped formulate his paper, On a particular kind of hearing loss resulting from lesions of the inner ear which which ultimately lead to the recognition of Ménière's disease.


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